Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hot Color!

For your viewing pleasure may I present Anne's lovely Kiwiberry squares as they progress inexorably toward quilthood. While I would love to regale you with pictures of my quilt-in-progress, I'm afraid that will have to wait a bit till there is a little more progress.

My bag is still packed with my machine and my quilt all together in one place. It's not going to go back into the garage, though, and I'm sorta hoping that I'll be able to work on it soon.

However, for now, my heart and my "duty" is still to the Ravelympics. I did manage to get going on one of the Baby Dressage projects, and hopefully I'll be able to get a picture tomorrow of the progress. I've done one repeat of the lace pattern--there are three repeats and then it goes into a different pattern. The hat is done and just needs a wash since it's been all over all kinds of unsavory places. Once it's clean I'll get little Missy A to model it!

This is the Brick Walk quilt that Ethel was working on tonight. She says it's 20 blocks--but each block has 12 of those units in it! So she's actually, to my way of reckoning, got 240 blocks in her quilt.

These are all homespun plaids with a unifying solid. I helped her choose the solid a couple of weeks ago--surprisingly, the deep hunter green was a great match with all of her fabrics. I think this will be a smashing quilt!

Ethel retired recently, at the end of the past school year, and she's been really enjoying having time to work on her projects. She shared a rather cautionary tale with us tonight at dinner. Under the heading that Teacher Must Prepare Properly, there is the subtitle that says that things change and just cause something was okay last year, doesn't mean it is still the same.

A teacher she knows of decided to take his (Adult Ed) class on a field trip to MOCA (the Museum of Contemporary Art) in L.A. Unfortunately he didn't check on the subject matter of the exhibit before going in with his students. Let's just say it was highly NOT suitable--oversized bits of interesting anatomy, if you get my drift. He was shocked and scandalized ans so were some of the students.

Hey, I just pulled up the website. There's enough info there to tell me whether or not I want to go to see the current exhibit (Measuring My Own Grave? I don't think so!) and it took less than a minute. Oh well, I guess we've all done things that in retrospect could have been handled better!

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DPUTiger said...

Well, at least it was Adult Ed? Could have been worse!