Saturday, August 19, 2006

Made in the Shade?

Before: my front porch, exposed... faces west, dontcha know, so the sun just bakes everything. During. There's just something really cute about a couple of pairs of feet dangling in mid-air, isn't there?

After. It still needs to be stained, but it's already cooled the living room down significantly. Just in time for the new heat wave.

On the knitting front (you just knew there had to be knit content, right?) I'm still sorta struggling with Pea Pod. I did mess up the pattern, but I think it can be fixed. If not, then it's rippppp back and redo. I've also joined the Beadwork KAL Yahoo group, which might encourage me to get busy going through my magazines for the pattern. Beadwork is a Jade Starmore design, mainly knits and purls, and it looks like a good challenge. Of course I need a challenge--have I mentioned the trouble I'm having with Pea Pod, which is a very simple lace pattern?

Anyway, once I get that Adirondack chair cleaned off, I can see me sitting out there to knit in the early evenings. Wanna come join me??


mary said...

That front porch looks divine with the patio cover! I'm all up for joining you for some early evening knitting. Are mint juleps involved? Now, I just have to figure out where to put the kids so I can knit with you.

Joan said...

Doesn't that look beautiful on your house. It would be really fun to knit there. That beadwork KAL looks far to hard for me, but a piece of cake for you.
Piece of cake gosh I am hungry. LOL

Milinda said...

Looks lovely indeed. Amazing what a little cover will do for lowering the temperature.

jillian said...

That looks great! Amazing how a little cover can cool things off. I am going to be starting Pea Pod soon, eek!

Knitcrazy said...

How Nice it looks with the roof overhead !!!

Great place to Sit & Knit :)