Monday, August 14, 2006

Home Improvement, Part ??

This is the fence... that was slammed down by a 150-year-old oak tree, with a nearly 6' diameter trunk. Obviously the fence got the worst of it. The driveway did very poorly too, but what you see in front of the old fence is the NEW driveway. Yay!

This is where the old deck was. You can just see the shiny new back door. Well, those blue French doors have had a very hard life. I could show you close-ups that would make you weep for them. The deck succumbed to an assortment of ailments, but its final demise was wrought by a talented demolition crew. The tomato plant is a volunteer, and has produced masses of delicious cherry tomatoes over the last two summers.
However, it is sad but true that the tomato plant is not as valuable as access via the back of the house. I am terribly weary of bringing everything in from the front, as it is a long hike back to the kitchen. Here's a closer view of the fence in all its cheesily-repaired glory. Do note that the panel on the far right was put up upside-down. Oh, and I hate those umbrella trees. Nasty icky things!
Good-bye fence! Goodbye termites, and goodbye yellow jackets that had made a nest on the fence.More fence bits, including the extremely ancient and elderly chain link that was the front part of the fence.
Can I knit while this is going on?? Of course! Pea Pod is now back to where it was when I ripped it all out last week. There will be pictures as soon as the lace panel begins to look like something other than a bunch of holes and crossed stitches.


mary said...

This is some exciting stuff going on at Chez Mehitabel! Hurray for the new driveway. Can't wait to see pictures of the new deck.

Linda said...

I hate umbrella trees, too. When I lived in Ft Lauderdale, the roots of the one in our front yard invaded our plumbing, and grew up into the toilet. An expensive mess to fix!

Milinda said...

What a whole hecka lotta work. As for the cherry tomatoes, I'd be inclined to wait until this crop is done before building the deck. But that's me. Waste not, want not. Or is that just my tomato lust?

Joan said...

Hey, this is our own "Extreme Makeover" to watch. LOL Too bad they aren't paying for it. Love the new door and driveway. I am loving watching all the changes to your home.