Tuesday, August 15, 2006

By Request

There was a comment made somewhere (which shall go nameless) wondering what I look like. This is one of the better pictures of me. I'm having fun, giving my baby brother a hard time. You know you are no longer a spring chicken when your baby brother turns this grey! I particularly like how gnarled my hands look. Oh well, they can still knit, so I'm not complaining. They can still open wine bottles, too, sometimes with a little assistance from a tool of some sort. The champagne bottles are definitely left to the daughters. I'd show you the pics of the three of them trying to wrestle open a bottle, but I'll save them for some time when they need to be blackmailed. (Let's just say, they were taken from behind...)


mary said...

Oh, you are an evil mother... one of the many endearing qualities I love about you! Please school me in your ways. Miss you tomorrow at SnB!

Milinda said...

Good lucking young fellow. ;-)

My baby brother turned completely gray before me as well, only his gray is actually a steel gray which means that it is darker than his hair was. He was a blond.

Mine is white but I have less of it than he does.

Joan said...

Oh, that's a great picture of you, and now we have a face for your brother when you speak of him.
Those hands you mention have made so many lovely things. Beautiful things that are as beautiful as you are, my dear Friend.

Oh, and as far as your pictures for blackmailing taken from the behind (LOL), I am just as fearful of the front views of myself. LOL