Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fencing Anyone?

This is the "before" shot. Remember that tree that fell over? Well, this is the way the neighbors repaired the fence. I especially like that one panel was put up (leaned up?) upside-down. Oh yeah. I have lots more revolting pictures, but this one tells it all. Really, the only thing holding up this fence was the termites, holding hands and praying little termite prayers.This is after. I won't say it was super-speedy, but it's done right and it looks really good. See that little planting area? Can you say, whee, new plants! This is taken from the front of the driveway, the shorter part of the fence. Can you see the old gate there? They didn't want to pay for a new one, so the old one went back up. Awfully nice of my contractor, don't you think? View in the back yard, under the apricot tree. Does this not look like a nice place to sit and knit on a summer afternoon?
That little bit of concrete curbing you can see on the left side is a vestige of the original house and yard. It delineated a professional-sized croquet court. Yes, back in the '20's, people with big houses and big yards could have a croquet lawn in the back. There was a lily pond about where that hose is... the apricot tree is "new" since we planted it, way back when. I've made a couple of tons of apricot jam and apricot jelly from its fruit. Now, I'm afraid it's almost gone--we had it cut back last year, and no fruit at all this year. I will give it a year and see what happens and then it might be sayonara apricot tree. Very sad.

Off to SnB to get my knit on. If I can find the camera, I'll likely have another post later!

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mary said...

The house is looking lovely all around! Isn't it great how any nice shady spot looks perfect for knitting?