Friday, April 26, 2013

Trials and Memories

 Since I've been showing you some of the "jacket panels" that I've been working on the last few days, I thought I'd show you one of the completed jackets from a "few" years ago.

This one was for Meg, aka D4.She loves yellow, and had picked out a pretty yellow and light blue floral for the lining. There are some sections of the lining in the piecework on the front as well.

The jacket is finished with a royal blue separating zipper and kelly green ribbing at the neck, hem, and cuffs.

She really wanted lots and lots of tiny patchwork, and that's what she got. Oh, some of it is pretty big, and there are some expanses of plain fabric (like the pintucked section, which is also the lining fabric) but for the most part, it's Mamma piecing itsy bitsy  teeny weeny stuff. 
 See what I mean?

The general theme of the jackets I made was that if some piecing was good, more was better.

Lots more.

Seminole piecing. Itsy bitsy prairie points--they're yellow and they almost show up agains the blue checks in this picture.
Can you spot the prairie points?

 Now, I seriously doubt that this kind of thing will come back into fashion, much less to be worn by the chic young professional woman she's morphed into.

But, maybe some day we'll take it apart (again!) and make it into a wall hanging.

Or a doll blanket. Or a tote bag. Or maybe just keep it around to remember "when."

On to my latest tribulations. After putting it off for a while, I finally managed to get the second sleeve set into Audrey's sweater, and was happily knitting away last night.

When... all of a sudden, the knitting didn't feel quite right.

You know that sinking feeling you get when you look down at your knitting, and y ou have the needle in your hand, but its cable has come undone and is a foot away from where it should be...and there are all those stitches dangling in mid-air...
Luckily I had just finished moving the sleeve from the DPNs to the circular, so they were right there next to my chair. I was able to catch most of the stitches and anchor them onto a couple of DPNs...and that's when I decided that it had better just wait for me there.

This morning I rousted out another needle of roughly the right size and length--it's a 5, and I was working with a 6, but I mainly wanted to get the stitches back on A needle and in reasonable order. I was even able to catch up the stitches that had dropped down a couple of rows, so it looks as if I'm back in business. I did email KnitPicks and in less than 20 minutes from sending my email, I had a promise of a replacement cable to be sent ASAP. No questions asked, either. For the most part, I've had very good luck with  my KP needles, and I love their quick response to problems.

So it's back to onward and upward and hopefully getting this little sweater finished soon! After all, there are two more OTN!

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Anna said...

I love the discovery of things made in the past...our past! the jacket is a piece of art but being in the midst of purging...if it ain't used it needs to move on...I would make it into a big bag!