Thursday, April 25, 2013

Progress, and a Decision

Managed to get a little quilting done on the "jacket piece" today, so now this one is ready to go into the washer for its shrinkfest. Still not quite sure what its ultimate finish will be, kind of thinking that it will depend on how it looks when it's all done.

(I'm getting some unsolicited help with my blogging from Hi-Hi, who seems to be feeling neglected today. I told him he'd have had his picture taken with  the quilts if he hadn't been snoozing away upstairs!)

The last couple of days have been blessedly and blissfully cool, unlike Monday and Tuesday which felt more like high summer than springtime! I'm hoping the heat will hold off a little longer--I get so much more done when it's cool!

Anyway, this second picture is the third piece of the series, and I think it's going to be a "real" quilt. It's fairly cohesive in a scrappy way, and since it was only straight-pinned to the flannel and not to the backing, it's going to be easy to add some real batting instead and just go ahead and quilt it. The floral fabric to the right of it is the backing fabric, which you can't exactly tell, but is also in the piecing  If nothing else, this will be a great piece to practice some free-motion work on, some fillers and some doodles and kind of try to get some of my skills back up to speed.

Today was one of "those" days that got off to a slow start, because instead of coming right downstairs and getting my day going, I took some time to clean out a drawer in the bathroom dresser. Yes, my upstairs bathroom has a cute little antique dresser in it, along with the clawfoot tub and pedestal sink! We originally had a high-tank pull-chain toilet, too, but the tin lining in it gave out and it was just too much upkeep after a while, so we had it replaced with a nice low-flow model. TMI?

I did manage to get the second sleeve set into Audrey's sweater, so that's going to be my handwork while I watch the finale of Project Runway tonight. That, or more binding...the stack hasn't grown any, but it also isn't shrinking much! Oh well--we'll see if I feel like knitting or stabbing tonight!

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Lee I said...

Love a claw foot tub, at least the originals. Yesterday my sister and I saw a new tub that had that nice sloping back to lean on for reading in the tub, and, get this, a bit of a flare in the sides so your hips don't get wedged in (think French bathtubs).