Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Moving right along!

 Well, I've 1added one more quiltlet to the FO stack--one less UFO to weigh me down! Even though this is a little quilt, it's got a lot of quilting on it--two bobbins' worth.

I quilted it on my 1230, and I have to say that Bernina bobbins hold a lot of thread! This is all free-motion work.

You may recall that this is one of the quilts that surfaced in the infamous blue tub o' quilts a while back. I added the binding to it; it had been quilted in the ditch along the borders and outlining the tree.
 I had originally wanted to use a gold metallic thread on this quilt, but when I finally found the one I'd planned to use, I didn't like the effect at all. I wound up using a shiny gold-color Sulky rayon for the squiggles on the tree and in the narrow green border--it gives the effect of shiny gold garland on the tree, which is what I wanted.

The background--which is a cream overprinted with white stars--is quilted in freeform stars and squiggles.

Can I just say that my free motion quilting skills have atrophies? Going to take lots of practice to get me back to where I want to be--hopefully at least as good as I was before the long hiatus

This "interesting" piece started life as one of three panels for a jacket. Back in the '90s there was quite a fad for quilted jackets,most of them made with Back Porch Press' diamond design. It's a very basic body, and I made several but all of mine were this kind of crazy patchwork. Meg's is blue and yellow, mainly, and by her request no piece is more than an inch wide or long. My mother-in-law's was in her favorite navy and red, with roosters in one of the prints--it isn't this wild.

The basic idea was that you quilted the design onto flannel and a backing fabric, then cut out and assembled the jacket once the fabric had shrunk--it would look as if you'd cut up an old quilt to make it, but of course you hadn't committed that sacrilege!

Anyway, I found this piece, along with two more, that were probably meant for another jacket. Two of them were safety-pinned to the backing fabric and one was straight-pinned on. I cut them apart, and then found what I thought would be some suitable threads for this piece.  It's all quilted in straight lines with the walking foot on the Brother--top thread is a variegated cotton Sulky, bottom thread a pastel variegated King Tut.

Now this piece is sitting in the laundry basked, #2 is cued up and ready to be quilted, and #3, well, it's going to take a little thought to decide what to do with it. The flannel innards are wrinkled and so is the top and back--not being safety pinned means it didn't come out of hibernation very well.

Not sure what the ultimate destiny is for these pieces. My current thoughts are tote bags, knitting bags, or doll quilts. Definitely will not be a jacket, however!

Shyla has found a nice soft place to call her nest, and it delights me that she naps in the open on this guest bed! She will come up to me for petting, and she has napped her way through a couple of sessions of me folding laundry on the foot of the bed. She still doesn't care for Hi-Hi, but at least it's mostly down to muttering bad words at him and spitting if he comes too close.

She's at least "out of the closet" now!

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