Tuesday, March 12, 2013

With a Little Help...

 The Quilting Supervisor is on the job. Supervising.

Here's the way the wedges look at this stage.

Had to do a little test to see how they'd look next to each other.

Pretty good!

So far I'm really liking the colors and the way they are working together. We'll see what happens when I get some other pieces added to these wedges.

 Next step for these will be adding the Flying Geese sections to the top of each wedge.

However, it's pollen season here and my allergies have gone wild. Coupled with the disorientation that DST always causes me (I swear those letters stand for Damned Stupid Timechange) I just wasn't feeling up to doing that kind of curved piecing today.

Besides, there's a lot of trimming left to do. So I started working on that.
These wedges will go onto the next section. There's a green wedge that fits into that angled side, but I haven't cut those out yet.

I was doing pretty well at trimming the spikes and the white wedges. Don't know if you can tell, but there are 5 different light fabrics here, none of which are repeated elsewhere.

And then the supervisor decided to intervene.

Enough of this for today says his body language.

Oh well, time to leave for class anyway. Maybe tomorrow will feel more auspicious for piecing curves. Going to have to do it, one way or the other, soon!

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Lee I said...

I was just considering a DST rant. I think I have a harder time adjusting to it than I do to international jet lag!