Thursday, March 14, 2013

More Progress!

 Once more with the wonky photo uploading! Let's see if we can get some sort of order out of these, okay?

First photo is the outer ring of spikes pinned to the white wedge... 16 of these, 8 right and 8 left side.

They go on either side of the green wedges.

Like this:

There's definitely an order that they are sewn in.

Left side first, then the right...

and when they're done they look like this:

 Like this.

Eight of these.

 Silly me thinking I would be allowed to work on the flying geese strips without help.

Not that he'd know what to do with a real goose.

I think a goose would make him look teeny-tiny!

So the flying geese go on top of the feathered star center wedges.

All my old experience of piecing curves is coming back, and this is going together really easily.

 Had to take a few breaks today to move the hoses around on the front yard--it's been in the 90's here and things are getting really dry.

The brown iris is blooming and looks quite happy.

This pleases me no end!  These were given to me by one of the quilters from the very oldest Bearly Stitchin' days, and they've been moved a few times over the years. Never have done very well... until now!

We also had a pretty spectacular sunset. I know the electrical tower isn't the prettiest thing, but just pretend it's not there.

The towers and wires may not be   pretty, or scenic, but boy do I love me some electricity. After some reminders of what it's like to live without it, I'll take the towers if I can have the power!

So. Back to the piecing. Here's the first completed wedge--all its components together!

And then there were three...

and then there were five, and that's where I left it for the night.

No point in pushing things too hard--when the headache gets bad enough to be noticed, it's time to quit for the night.

Besides, I wanted to blog the progress!

With any luck, tomorrow I'll finish the last three wedges and maybe even get them all assembled.

Then will come the fun of taking out all that paper, then a good press and it will be ready to layer and quilt.

Wonder how far I can get with it this month?

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Lee I said...

Oh dear. There IS all that paper pulling out. Not fun.

You have horses in your front yard?