Sunday, March 10, 2013

Progress Report

 Got to spend some more time working on the tree skirt today. Figured I'd better, because I was dreaming about these points last night!

So here's the first of the Unit A sections, trimmed and ready to go.

And then there's a stack of eight of them, all neatly trimmed.

Notice anything?

Yes, that top unit has a little "holiday" at the bottom, as does  the one underneath it.

I checked. There's enough fabric within the seam allowance so it will be okay.
 At least I hope so!

Soon find out...

 Here's the A units laid next to the B units, ready to sew together. There is one really tricky matching spot on these two.

Fortunately I have some experience in matching this kind of point.

What I do is line them up ready to sew, turn back the seam allowances to make sure they're in the right spot, then sew them together with a really long basting stitch.

Yes, a REALLY LONG basting stitch. Luckily the stitch length dial on the 1230 is super easy to operate. Once the two are basted together, I can check them to see if I need to sew on the same line or move the actual stitching line over by a thread or two to the left or right.

And then this is what you get.

If you look really closely at the join, you can see the seam line...but the join is pretty much perfect.

Whew. Doing this eight times and having it come out right is pretty nerve-wracking.

But it worked.

Then I trimmed up the C units and laid them out ready to sew. I got 6 of the left side ones sewn on before the Sewing Supervisor showed up. He really didn't think I should sew any more today.
 So I stopped there. Not worth the hassle with a determined little furball!

This is the little snippets-bag that showed up on my table the first day at Asilomar.

Nancy, Georgie, and Sandy played Quilt Elves the whole week. One day it was these bags, then there was a "Bali Pop" that was a strip of batik wrapped around a lollypop stick so it looked like... a pop! Too cute.

One day it was a bag of chocolates, another time it was a cute little tape measure that they'd customized (just as they did the bags) with a design from Judy's patterns.

Thanks for the fun, ladies, and thanks for the goodies!

After all this (and a visit from Daughter Meg, who came to pick up some recycling and her mail and to bring me coffee and get caught up on "life") I am ready for a glass of wine and a little TV. Tonight's guilty pleasure: Worst Cooks in America. Yes, there are actually people worse than I am, though they are learning not to be! Besides, today was the first day of DST (Damned Stupid Timechange) and as usual I'm totally borked. Wine will help.

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Lee I said...

I think my body stays on Standard Time, so my new bedtime will be 3 a.m. instead of just 2. I slept to the new 11, more or less, this morning.

Those are definitely admirable points. I'm not sure my eyeballs wouldn't catch on fire if I tried to do that.