Monday, November 03, 2008

November 3--Election Day Eve

Here's a mischievous little face to start this post off right! Little Missy was quite busy today--she's taking this "walking" stuff very seriously. She will take a few steps, preferably from one person to another, and since we think it's wonderful so does she.

She also is a great one with a sippy cup. She takes big swigs--of course, hers have "valves" so she gets a reasonable amount, not the huge gulp she'd get with a normal cup. Hey, it's progress.

Today was definitely a funny-hair day, too. She woke up from her naps with very damp curls sticking up all over the place! Since it was a bit cool out, she was wearing her new hat for the outing.

Project for tonight: that Great Wall of Boxes from the back of the driveway?

Moved to the sidewalk to await pickup.

Rediscovered: that whole area of driveway. We're planning a yard sale this weekend, and tonight was the perfect night to get rid of the old cardboard nightmare.

I have a friend who is easily bribed, who came over and broke all these down for us and put them into the trash cans and hauled them to the curb. You can't tell, but my Explorer is parked behind them.

On to prettier or at least more creative things! New Moon had a sale on flannel, and I thought it would be fun to make rag quilts for the two youngest. So I had fun picking out fabrics:

For Missy A, a nice selection of pinks, lavenders, soft aqua, and creamy yellows. Lots of flowers and butterflies, too.

For Mr. Nate, a "boy" collection of blues with a little cream thrown in.
Both sets have stripes and polka dots, but in different colors. It was a lot of fun picking out the fabrics--I hope the fun lasts through the interminable cutting and sewing and washing and clipping that these quilts entail.
Well, posting about it here will help keep me working. You'll all nag me, right?

Last up, my first shipment from Lotus Yarns' Big Ass Yarn Club. Heavier than sock weight, which is Melanie's usual base yarn, I'd say this is maybe sportweight. Lots of it, and I love the colorway--"Bliss" which just about describes it!

Hopefully I will soon be able to wind and start swatching this and some of the other new yarns I've somehow acquired. Even though I'm not supposed to be getting yarn, it still seems to find me. Funny how that works!

Oh, and talk about bringing people over to the "dark side." D1 is now a "real knitter" and has finished her first pair of socks! She's working on a sweater, and on a recent business trip actually looked for (and found!) yarn shops. But the kicker? She's now a Raveler! Say hi to Fooshknitstoo if you're over in the Ravelhood!


Sheepish Annie said...

Isn't it nice when we can lure our loved ones over to the Dark Side? it is such a powerful feeling... :)

Kathy Wagner said...

Very pretty fabrics you've picked out! They will make great quilts!