Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nov. 6--Busy Busy

There are some days when I start off at speed and just keep going all day long. Well, this wasn't exactly one of those days, but it was pretty busy nonetheless.

Oh, that image? It's a leftover from the Ravelympics, but it's one of my favorites. It's the Death of Rats, who is Death's little sidekick and quite a character all on his own, from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. All he ever says is "Squeek" but he says it with a lot of expression.

If you've never read any of the Discworld books, and you're not quite sure you'd love them, start with The Wee Free Men, the first of the Tiffany Aching stories. It's followed by Hat Full of Sky and Wintersmith; they're classified as "young adult" but really, I think they're good for almost all ages. It helps to be familiar with the classic folk tales, because there's a lot of references to them. The characters are wonderful; some of them appear in some of the other Discworld novels, but then that's true of the whole series. Try them!

Anyway, that's not exactly where this post was intending to go, but it's as good a place as any. I've had a busy kind of runaround day; Little Missy is beginning to walk alone, but she still likes to have a finger or two to hold on to, especially going up and down stairs. Add in a couple of trips to Target and a few other errands, and here I am, ready to crash for the night.

So I'll say goodnight. At least I did get a post done today--almost forgot--and with a little book reviewing included, it's even got some substance!

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