Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hot Tip, Hot Shots

Here's your Hot Tip for the day: tomorrow will be the Grand Opening of La's Dizzy Blonde Yarn Shop on Etsy! (This is Laura, the "La" half of JenLa. The dizzy blonde is her adorable Trixie, who is the most energetic little bundle of blonde fur you could ever find.)

You can get a sneak preview of the colorways on this blog page. Warning: I got a severe craving for every one of these colorways, even the colors I don't normally gravitate to. Laura's base yarn is yummy smushy, too.

And she didn't pay me to say it. In fact, I have to line up with the rest of you at 8:08 am (PDT) tomorrow, 8/8/08. I think that's an auspicious time for the store opening!
It's also my dad's 91st birthday, so here's a happy birthday shoutout to Chick! (My parents have always been Grandpa Chick and Grandma Mickey, or Mick and Chick, to my kids. ) I hope he'll be having a good one, and I really truly wish I could be there to wish him happy birthday in person.

Okay, here's a couple of hot shots of our hotshot boys, in case you were starting to think this was going to be all-Audrey-all-the-time. Just because I'm with her 3 days a week, doesn't mean I love her "best" or "more." She's just my favoritest youngest granddaughter, that's all.

And Nate is my favorite youngest grandson, and with those dimples and big brown eyes and happy disposition, how could he not be?

Then, of course, there's my favoritest Grandcarrot. He's turned into a very handsome and good-natured little boy, which of course we knew he would be, but it's always nice to be able to say "I told you so." He is a good big brother, doesn't get upset if he has to wait his turn cause the baby needs something.

Okay, off the Memere soapbox now. I'm going to go hit "refresh" on Laura's Etsy shop, just in case she goes "live" a little early. Well, at least, after I dig out the swift and ball winder. Olympics start tomorrow, and the Ravelympics kick off at 5 am PDT.

No, I will NOT be up and casting on then. Sorry! I need my beauty sleep!

PS: the photos of the two boys are D4's. I snitched them cause they are so cute!


Vtknitboy said...

such beautiful kids!

DPUTiger said...

who better to steal from than your own kid? :)

amysue said...

Such beautiful boys! Thanks for your comment on my blog and I'll email when I get back (we're away for the week end)

Knitting Linguist said...

Isn't it wonderful to have lots of favorites? It's the way to do it :)