Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hot Find

Going through some of the boxes in the back room has been very educational. This little sweater turned up in a box of sweaters, but it was the only hand-made one in the group.

It's a cream-colored fisherman-style cardigan with a zipper--which I put in all by hand, thank you very much--from a pattern which was in a Better Homes & Gardens magazine. I remember working on this while sitting in the pediatrician's waiting room. Among other places!

You probably can't tell, but in addition to a thousand or so bobbles, it's also got a LOT of double seed stitch. In fact, the entire hood is double seed.

I'm going to pass it along to D3 for the Grandcarrot. I think it's nicely unisex and hopefully the zipper will hold up. If it doesn't, well, they have much nicer zippers out there, and it would certainly be easy enough to replace it! (It's a metal zipper, and the color has worn off which is why it looks a little grey in the picture. In real life it's not so noticeable.)

And, it's acrylic, so it will wash and dry very easily. It's just come out of the washer and dryer!

Gratuitious cute baby shot. She has been a busy little bee lately. Loves her toys. Mamma put the toy basket in front of the DVR to try to keep her away from the dangerous stuff--well, she's really the danger!--and it's worked. In this photo, she'd gotten the liner out of the basket as well as all the toys. Bad memere put the liner back in (with a double bowknot for a few extra seconds of security) and most of the toys, which she promptly took out. Again.

She can amuse herself for an hour or more, though, just checking out the possibilities of all her toys. She also loves books--they are delicious!

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