Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hot n' Tired

A little summer sky to share today, with a taste of the clouds we've been seeing.

Last night at quilting was pretty busy, so much so in fact that I didn't even have time to get out the camera. Which was a shame, because there were some great projects in p rogress. Hopefully they'll come back next week and I can take some pics!

Today was a mixture of frustration and good things. The bad thing was that, as I was heading out the door to get my lab work done, I stopped to look for my orders. Good thing.

They were nowhere to be found! I've looked all over, and nope, no sign of them. Tomorrow I'll look again, and if they are still missing, I'll call and ask the dr's office to write them out for me again.

Then I went to PT. Again, it's rather frustrating that the ankle is healing so slowly and that it still gives me a lot of trouble when I stand or walk on it. It even swells up when I sit in a chair--and it's not always convenient to sit with my leg wayyyy up there!

At least, today was a knitting day. It was fun to see some friends and get a little knitting time in!

Just a day left till the Olympics start. I have joined the Ravelympics to give me an extra incentive to wrestle some of my WIPs into shape. That way, I can move on to new projects!

This tub o' yarn is one of my finds from all the upheavals. It's Paton's Look At Me, in two colorways--10 balls of each. I am thinking that they would make nice little sweaters--but then, I seem to have a number of cute little sweaters under way!

I guess this means that I need to finish taking inventory before I succumb to t he lure of more new yarn. However, the enabler is at it again! Let's just say, I already want at least one of everything she's got there. And Lotus Yarns' Melanie is dyeing again, and... and...

Would someone please help me wrangle ET and take away her credit cards? At least till all the boxes are emptied and all the yarn is inventoried and accounted for?

Thank you!


junieann said...

Trying to catch up with your summer goings on. Sorry to hear that you ankle is still bad. I hope that heals up soon.

I enjoyed the pictures of the inside of your house. It is so nice. You decorated beautifully. Congratulations.

It looks completed. And it looks wonderful.

Try and Stay cool!

Madge said...

Good luck in all your Ravelympic events! I'll be cheering you on with flag waving, encouraging words, and a g and t at the finish line.

On your mark, get set....