Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Weekend Update

There is progress of sorts on the house front: the sconces have been taken down out of the living room, and new wiring is being run to them. Once the new wires are in place, they'll be reinstalled and hooked up again. It will be fun to have them back!

The old wires that are coming out are very very scary. As in, I don't quite know why the house hasn't burned down due to these old corroded wires!

The other thing that's on its way out is the original 1921 plumbing pipes. New stuff going in--and it's kind of fun to see what is happening to the taste of the water and the water pressure as it runs through new copper instead of rusted galvanized metal.

I'm just grateful that we continue to have hot water in the mornings. Today's shower was a little iffy, as there is now better water pressure in the cold water line so it was "different" regulating the right mix of hot & cold.

Some days there have been three crews at work. I'm amazed at how fast this phase is going. We're now waiting to see what the floor guy thinks about restoring the hardwood floors--there are a lot of areas with water damage since many of the doors and windows have leaked over the years. Well, we knew the house was drafty--who knew there was water seeping in as well?

Miss Audrey has now learned to hold her head up well enough to be able to sit in her Jumperoo. She's figured out that moving makes it bounce, and she's discovering that she can make some pieces rattle or make music by hitting them. She's found her hands in earnest, and seems to enjoy chewing on them as well as reaching for things. I love this stage of a baby's development: you can almost see the wheels go round as she learns new things every day. She's very responsive and has learned to giggle. But, she still stays put when you set her down.
She loves her blankets. They make a good tent!

I managed to get both of the hats for the Nevada granddaughters finished in time to send them home with their parents. It was touch and go--I was weaving in ends as people were saying their goodbyes!

There was some time on Saturday when we actually had all 5 sisters together, for the first time in quite a while. That meant a photo op!

Top: D2 (Nevada) and D1 (Colo.)
On the sofa: D4, D5, D3.

Audrey got to meet her Colorado family for the first time, and they were charmed. Nate got to meet not only the Colorado crew, but his Nevada auntie D2 and uncle too.

Nate is now 6 weeks old, gaining weight and has the greatest dimples! He's a very contented baby, happy to snuggle with his doting aunties and uncles and cousins. He's already working on holding his head up--he's going to be a strong little guy. He'll need to be, since he's the "little brother."

D2's husband was celebrating his 10th birthday--he's one of those Feb. 29 kids.

We were sorry that my son couldn't be here--we thought he'd be at Kristin's confirmation, but it turned out he got snowed in and didn't even make it to that! Of course, as soon as he saw the pictures of the 5 sisters on line, he had to call to give us all a guilt trip! He still doesn't quite believe it was a spontaneous event...

Lastly, in case you've been wondering about the Grandcarrot, here's the only non-blurry picture any of us were able to capture this weekend. Little Mr. Perpetual Motion is at a very busy, totally adorable stage (21 months) and his two-way communication is getting much better.


Sheepish Annie said...

Wow! Great pix in this post!! And i, too, am amazed at how quickly the work on the house is going. Although I am sure that there are days when it feels like it's taking forever...

mary said...

Beautiful family! How wonderful that all the Ds got together.

Ellen Bloom said...


You're moving right along on the home improvements! I'm so impressed.

Great photo of all the girls together!