Thursday, March 06, 2008

New Developments

There is nothing quite like the feeling of getting home after dark, to find that your house is surrounded by yellow caution tape.
I had to take pictures so I could see what had happened, since it was too dark out there to just "see."
This is what it looks like in daylight.
Who knew that upgrading the plumbing meant digging a moat in the front yard?
However, the iris is surviving. Hey, I called it with yesterday's post, didn't I?
Let's change the subject for a minute.

Here's something much cuter: Miss Audrey, with her new pacifier/teether/raspberry.

She likes it, in spite of the face she's making here.

And when she drops it, she can get it back in her mouth. She enjoys the nubbly texture and likes to gnaw on it--she's got a good bite action going.

Bleah. (A second later, she had it back in her mouth and was chomping away happily.)
This is what happens when the workmen don't give you the requested 24 hours notice to clear your belongings out of the bathroom * aka safe room.* If the coffeemaker is on the bathroom counter, they will set it wherever they think it will make the best statement.

Yeah, that bathroom has pink tile. I think we lucked out: the former guest house, which is two doors down from us, has lavender tile. Lavender, with black trim.

This is the new window in my bedroom. All 6 of the new windows went in yesterday. I took pictures of all of them, but they're on my Flickr page. Only so much I can inflict on the poor blog! They are quite nice and seem to open and close smoothly. It does seem odd to be replacing the "new" windows from the addition, though. After all, it was only 25 years ago!

Wanna see my bins? This will give you a good idea of the size of the things--they are just a little bit narrower than the driveway.

And yes, those are holes in the wall. I think the painters/plasterers are going to be quite busy trying to patch it all up. Of course, it has to be left open for inspection.

I'm hoping it doesn't rain any time real soon, or there may be some problems around here.

One last view of home-sweet-home. I can only imagine what I will find when I get back there today. Thank goodness I have some place to hide out every day! (and with such adorable company, too!)


Anonymous said...

You are even giving the neighbors quite a show! Sending Starbucks $$$ - hang in there!!

Thanks for accepting the "mission" - doing something nice for a young couple and serving your country even if it is a bit unusual! Foosh

La said...

I like the new location for the coffee pot. Much more efficient, dontcha think?

Ellen Bloom said...

Yes, you are lucky...nice bathroom tile.
Aunt Frances' father was in the tile biz in L.A. during the building boom of the 20's, 30's and 40's. Her Dad always said, "Push the purple!" No one wanted that purple tile! Hahaha!

Knitting Linguist said...

My goodness! That is quite a trench! I hope things start settling down soon...