Friday, March 07, 2008

More "Progress"?

Let's focus on something pretty for a change, shall we? (Although, the way things have been going lately it seems if I post a picture of a "pretty" it then winds up traumatized, and I'd hate to do that to my camellia!)

This is the bush that grows by the back door.

It is mostly (nominally) this peppermint-candy kind of blossom. Very pretty.

Flowers come in big clusters, and it's a very heavy bloomer.

It also grows blossoms that are solid red. Sometimes you'll see the solid red and the peppermint stripe on the same branch.

Sometimes on the same flower, like this one!

We have a new shower pan! It is full of water, which is a test to see if it leaks.

The old shower leaked really badly and actually at one point was dripping onto the junction box in the basement. That was NOT a good thing! It also rotted out a lot of the floor, especially the trapdoor which is the basement access. New trapdoor coming! And I've been assured, in the face of a total lack of logic to the thought, that they can indeed put floor tile on the trapdoor.

I'll believe it when I see it!
Have you ever seen a sadder looking kitchen? This is a view of the south and west walls--the dark line on the right is the edge of the dining room doorway. Over there on the left is a chunk of the wallcloth that's peeled away--I tried taking a closeup of it but it came out fairly blurry.
Apparently, putting fabric onto the wet plaster was a hotshot design statement in the early 20's.
Looking out to the back room/studio area, this is the north and east walls. Also quite pathetic!
Lastly, I thought I'd show you how the back of the house is looking with the new windows in. You can also see the new French doors and garage door.

When we paint, I'm planning on keeping the body of the house the same color...Swiss Coffee... but not sure about a trim color. D4 thinks the blue looks "dated" but we haven't come up with anything better.



Anonymous said...

Very light brown / beige is common on the new houses in our area...Foosh

LotusKnits said...

I was going to suggest a darker brown, like a mocha - darker than tan, but lighter than chocolate.

Ellen Bloom said...

Nothing looks crisper than white, white trim on a mocha color house!
When I was a little girl, our house was a creamy gray color with white trim, black wrought iron and red brick stairs.....quite stunning!

Knitting Linguist said...

Whew! that's some chaos you've got there. But the camellias are lovely ;)

Sheepish Annie said...

Hmm...I think I am going with some of the commenters who think that a brown and white combo might be nice. But, I do love blue so very, very much so it's a conundrum!

I'll just look at the pretty flowers and bliss out for a bit. That always helps!

Annette said...

I've seen black trim with that color and a black front door. Very chic looking.

junie said...

Oh Wow, I have never seen anything quite like this. Amazing kitchen you have.

When it is all overwith, you can have a house warming for this will diffently be a new house.

Where are you living, in your yarn stash?

Anonymous said...

I thought that we picked a darker brown for the trim and a chocolate for the patio cover... Remember then we are going to paint your door chocolate too? A very welcoming color D3