Thursday, February 07, 2008

First Thursday

In my innocence (or is it ignorance?) of the Ways of the Huntington I did not realize that First Thursdays are a Big Freakin' Deal there.

And me a member, too!

First Thursdays are free admission. All you have to do is call for a ticket, or request one online. This means that there are a whole lot more people there than you would normally find on a Thursday. Not that it felt crowded, you understand, once we found a place to park and got through the entrance.

It's a big place.

This shot will give you some idea of the vistas.

This little grovelet is right across the path from the waterfall.

Lots and lots of things in bloom, even in February. I'm not sure what this tree is called, but it's sure spectacular.

As are the epiphylums attached to the trunk of a palm tree.

Here's Nate, sleeping his way through the Japanese Garden.

Cousin Audrey wasn't a whole lot more interested.

In fact, she found her toy lion much more fascinating-- it jingles every time you hit a bump with the stroller, and when the path is paved with squares set off with 6 inches of grass between them, there are lots of bumps.

The magnolias are in bloom all over the place.

These pictures are dedicated to the people all over the east and midwest (you know who you are!) who are selfishly hogging all the snow and forcing us to take long walks in the sunshine and balmy temperatures.

Would I rather be snowed in and able to sit and knit on my sofa with a fire in the fireplace and a nice hot toddy, and a clear conscience?

Yeah, I would.

But would I want to have to dig my vehicle out of the snowbanks? Or listen to the thundersnow?
Well, maybe not so much.

I guess I'm going to work on a new theme for me this year:

Bloom where you're planted.
And if that means get out there and enjoy the blooms, well, dammit, I'll get out there and enjoy the blooms!

Happy Thursday!


mary said...

Ahhhhh, an outing with the grandbabies! Priceless!

DPUTiger said...

I love the Huntington. The Japanese Gardens are by far my favorite. Glad you had a fun outing. We have a dusting of snow today. I'm still hoping we'll get one big dump before winter is over. I've missed that special quality of quiet that comes with a really good snowstorm. With my luck? It'll come while I"m out of town during the end of feb/start of march!

CelticMommy said...

Are you kidding... I was there yesterday! I had the free tickets and came with my wee ones, Em and Ro. We were there in the morning. I'm so sorry I missed you! Hope all is well and have a wonderful weekend!
Oh, P.S. I joined the 25 things for charity because of you. :-) Thank you for the link!

Madge said...

Lovely bloomin' babies!

Anonymous said...

Nice memories of the Gardens and I started to wonder if you had tea, but then I saw your comapions - Audrey will certainly join us at the teahouse one day, but after the lure of jingling lions has nsubsided.... Foosh

knitnzu said...

Thank you for the shot of color! A much needed boost to those of us who are getting snow snow snow and having gray gray gray skies (or white!).

Sheepish Annie said...

I see blue and green and red. But I don't really understand them. Where is the white? Why is no one wearing a parka? How did you get there? Do you have a plow on your truck?

I think I have winter head...

Army_Wifey08 said...

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. And so are the babies!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love the Huntington!