Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Election Day--Primary

Whatever your political beliefs happen to be, don't forget to go out today and vote if you have primaries today. I've been, and have expressed my opinion on the Presidential primary and all 6 initiatives.
I'm usually way out of step with my fellow Temple Citizens. Oh well, as long as they reserve one booth for me I'm happy.
Then go over and see what Franklin and Dolores are up to. I didn't get to vote Fibertarian today, although I did manage to do a whole lotta Nottingham while I waited (and waited, and waited) at the doctor's office today. (I'm fat. My hemoglobin levels are down. Same old same old!) Knitting does keep one from throttling anyone while stuck in Doctor's Office Hell.
Pictures later. This little hat has finally taken off, and I have high hopes of getting it done shortly.
And if you don't have a reason to vote today, then Think Fibertarian!

1 comment:

mary said...

Dolores for President! I'm in! I want to be a card carrying member of the Fibertarian Party.