Tuesday, February 05, 2008

And Another One Done...

Probably one of my fastest FOs ever! This is the Nottingham hat, made from the leftover ball of Pure Merino from Shedir.

Since Shedir was claimed by D5, it seemed right to make a semi-matching hat out of the remaining yarn for Audrey.

After three failed efforts on Sunday night, this was successfully cast on Monday night.

Worked on during my two hour wait at the doctor's office today (see previous post) and then again at class.

There were just a couple of decrease rows left at the end of class, so I finished them off while watching the tail end of The Biggest Loser.
Hey, free pattern, leftover yarn, cute as a bug's ear. What could be better??
Hurrah for finishing! Gail brought her little quilt to show us that's it's all done. Quilted, bound, and ready to be sent to France.

Anne started a Mystery Quilt project on Sunday--there are more pictures on her blog, but I wanted to take a couple and put them here as well.

Bright beautiful colors! And dinosaurs, too!!

And , one more quilt, which is a WIP at the shop, and no it isn't mine although I do like the style and I'd love to have one like it! I just thought it was interesting and inspiring and I wanted to share it.


jillian said...

You are on a hat roll! It's so pretty!

Madge said...

Another FO! You're smokin'. Cute hat. Warm baby noggins - yay!