Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy December!

'Tis the last month of the year, already! The refrain I keep hearing is, where did the year go? Well, D5 has a good answer: her "project" took most of the year!

Now we enter into the busy, bustling, stressful/joyful holiday season. I'm thinking about putting up a tree this year, which would be the first time in five years. Don't know if the house will be ready, or if that should be the criterion for doing a little decorating--maybe it should just be done for the sheer joy of it. Even if no one but D4 and I will see it.

I think a lot of that will depend on how well the shoulder heals. It is making progress, slowly but surely. I can knit 8 rows now before having to give up. Note the Pollyanna quality I'm bringing to this: I said, I can knit 8 rows now. I believe the last time I said I can ONLY knit 8 rows. Trying to work on my grinchiness!

Even been using some of the Christmas mugs. I know, it's cheating if they never got put away last year, but still. They're cheerful and fun.

I do believe the East Coast-ers are getting some snow, which will add to the enjoyment of their holidays. Well, truthfully, might add some extra stress, too, but let's keep the outlook jolly.
Nothing like a few snow days to start the winter off right!
Meantime, here we can look forward to the "Christmas camellia" blooming again. It's that big fluffy one with the masses of inner petals. It grows by the front steps and is taller than the roofline--which, at that point, is a good two stories tall. It is usually in full bloom by Christmas, with brilliant red blossoms that stay on for a long time and make a gorgeous carpet on the ground when they fall.

Rose hips say "autumn" don't they? There are a lot of them this year, and perhaps I should look up a recipe for Rose Hip Jelly.


So, while my yearnings for snow will remain unassuaged, I am going to concentrate on the good things around me.

And maybe, just maybe, I'll put up a little Christmas tree. I'll let you know if I do!


storyteller said...

Lovely flower photos. This is my first visit to your Blog (found you at NaBloPoMo on the "over 50" group & decided to take a quick peek). Hope you recover quickly so you can knit again.
Hugs and blessings,

mary said...

I think you should wrap up your shoulder with your luxury yarns to make it feel better. Lie down and watch all of your guilty pleasure reality tv shows and rest up! Hope it feels better soon!

DPUTiger said...

When I left work last night/this morning (1:45 am), it was 50 degrees outside. Now it's snowing. The tiny icy flakes that don't really stick, but we're getting a few millimeters of accumulation here and there. I'm quite jealous of my friend in Seattle, who got dumped on with 14" yesterday. Wouldn't that be awesome? :)

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh's snowing all right! Like crazy, actually. But, it did sort of put me in the spirt of the season so the tree is now up. That's a pretty good way to use a snow day, I do think. Although, I'm going to be clamoring for more pictures of green in a month or so. Keep those pictures coming!!

Anonymous said...

You must have a tree- if even just a little one. After all even the carrot has a little one in his bed room! D3

catsmum said...

lovely flowers - so I won't be the only one without a white christmas, eh??
and a belated welcome to wee Ms Audrey!!