Friday, November 30, 2007

When You Can't Knit

You can always go out in the back yard and take pictures of "Autumn in So Cal" to remind yourself of what you've missed this year.

Apricot tree with some of its leaves fallen. They are a nice bright yellow and sort of give that "fall" effect, even if it is spoiled by the greenery in the background, blooming roses, that kind of thing.
Front yard features the liquidambar, which should have yellow leaves instead of these dry brown things.
Well, there's a little color on the tree. And there are still a whole lotta leaves left up there, so I think there will be carpeting on the lawn for quite a while. This was my other excursion: went to the Gamble House to pick up a copy of the magazine shown here. Please forgive my execrable photos--if you get a chance, do check out the gorgeous photography in the magazine. Larry Underhill took the Gamble House pictures and they are superb.
I love the Gamble House and going to the bookstore there is like stepping back in time. Luckily, I didn't have a lot of time to spend there--or I'd have spent the afternoon, and a whole lotta money too! However, I do plan to go back and maybe even do a little holiday shopping there. I've toured the house: as part of their restoration/repair project they did a series of tours showing the techniques used, and I had to find out all about it. After all, I have an old house to "restore" too! Well, not quite that old--but mine was built in 1921, even though it's a rather different style.
Hmm... wonder if I could make mine "look" like a Craftsman bungalow? Bet anything is possible with enough money, right?
Okay, going to try not to sulk about the shoulder today, and just enjoy the rain. I'll try a little knitting later on and see how it goes.


Madge said...

I love the Gamble House Bookstore. (and the house, too) Always chockablock full of the coolest gifts.

Yay for Larry's photos!

Rest that shoulder this weekend...there's knitting to be done on Monday.

DPUTiger said...

Wanna come rake my leaves? I have at least one more round of Leaf Wars 2007 in front of me. ::sigh::