Monday, November 26, 2007

The Good and the Bad and... bad? This bad! What a way to start a new week, especially after a great relaxing holiday!

This is what greeted D4 when she pulled her car out of the driveway this morning--it didn't seem to drive right. Hmm, flat tire? Oh yeah. Apparently, while we were out at D5's on Saturday, someone sideswiped her car, doing a terrific job of making it undrivable. The bumper is cracked and needs replacing, the wheel cover was cracked and broken (she picked up the bits in the street), the back quarter-panel is scraped and dented, the side mirror housing is cracked, and all of the wheels are a little lopsided. Insurance adjuster will be by tomorrow morning to take a look at it and give her the orders for repair. In the meantime, of course, there's the massive inconvenience of being car-less and having to juggle all the phone calls and appointments and dealing with insurance and body shop and... I certainly hope this driver at least gave himself whiplash, since he didn't even have the decency (or the sobriety) to stop and leave his phone number!

The good:

found the missing Ab Fab! It was in a different basket, and a different room, than the one I searched the other day when I was looking for it. I found it last night and did a couple of rows on it, but my shoulder still hurts too much to do much knitting.
I was going to try a smaller, lighter project today, but my meetup was not to be. Instead, I was helping with Damage Control. I contented myself with downloading a couple of patterns, including irtfa'a, from Knitspot.

When you can't knit, dream!

Oh, the ugly? I'm finishing up all the cleanup after the holidays. Last on the agenda is the gronky turkey roaster. Yeah, I know, it should have been done right away, and it would have, too, but remember that plumbing backup?? So it finally came home, in a big ol' white trash bag, and it's currently soaking in very hot water with grease-cutting dish soap and it will be nice and clean once this post is finished and I get back to scrubbing it. Scrubbing + sore shoulder = not too much getting done at once. (And yes, I did spray the nonstick surface with nonstick spray before adding the bird. Those drippings still make a mess after baking on for 8 hours at 325!)

That's it for today. Hopefully, there will be more interesting fibery activities around here to report on later this week!


mary said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear about D5's car and your shoulder still bothering you. Rest up and focus on how wonderful Audry is. Try easy off or another oven cleaner on the baked on grease. Always works for me.

Madge said...

The bad: Ugh. Hit and run drivers deserve their own level of hell.
The good: Yay! Glad you solved the Ab Fab mystery.
The ugly: Ugh. SOS pad.
The good: Yay! Raven lace.
The bad: Shoulder, heal thyself. There's knitting to be done!


Yarnartist said...

Life is fascinating. I just say your Abfab and it looked very familiar! Check out my sweater:

Great minds think alike!

DPUTiger said...

Let's hope that our good friend Karma has something special planned for that guy who hit D5's car