Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sushi Socks!

Looking around for some purple and orange, and while it's a bit of a stretch, here's some: Nordy's apparently has a "thing" for orange, as you can see by their bags, with a little purple thrown in for good measure.
This is the Grandcarrot at 9 pm after a productive night's shopping. In the bags? His new jeans.

Some new clothes for Mom.

And for Memere? Sushi socks!
Shown posing with my new green Birkenstocks. I had to promise D3 (aka the Fashion Police) that I would not wear socks with my Birks.
But aren't they cute?
I was in Downtown Monrovia yesterday and my friend (whose birthday we were celebrating) wanted to go to the library.
Guess who hangs out at the Monrovia Library?
Gotta love small towns!


Sheepish Annie said...

I do love a small town! (good thing since there aren't really too many other choices in my part of the world...) I also love the sushi socks! A very nice fashion statement however you choose to wear them.

catsmum said...

Hi sweety
You won my blogiversary contest :] so now I need your addy.

Denise said...

This same statue of Mark Twain is located outside some state government buildings near where I live (well, not the *same* statue obviously, but you know what I mean). How interesting. I wonder if they are being provided by a foundation or some similar organization?

The statue here in WA is located at an intersection equidistant between the local library and the state library.
I'll have to post a photo on my blog.

Oh, and great sushi socks!

LINDA said...

I do love your new green Birkenstocks. I had no idea they were so good looking. Have fun with the sushi socks.
Congrats on winning catsmums blogiversary contest!
Also, a good use of the Nordies bags!
Hey your Thurs nite date is very handsome!

pacalaga said...

Pish posh. Tell D3 that if you can't wear the socks with your sandals, you'll have to go get some clear plastic clogs to show them off.

Ellen Bloom said...

I like socks with Birks! Be bold, go for it! Wear those darling sushi socks with your Birks on a cool evening!!!!

Anonymous said...

don't encourage her!- D3

Jules said...

Those sushi socks are adorable! Ah go on, wear them with the Birks. :)