Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Brown, Orange, Purple

Time to say hello to the last group of Project Spectrum colors.
First up, my pretty peach rose from the front yard. I was trying to photograph these today with one foot in a hole and the other balanced on a slope, while the breeze blew the flowers around quite enthusiastically. I am amazed that this came out so well, because there was also enough glare that I couldn't see the image on the camera's little window.

I like that the orange daylily has some purple jacaranda blossoms on the sidewalk next to it. For some reason, the jacaranda blossoms are hanging on much later this year.

Purple yarn. Okay, pinky lavender yarn, but still. It's close.

This is orange, not brown, but it's close.
Now I have to admit that ET did some shopping last night, and lo and behold, what did she order?
Some brown yarn.
Some purpley-brown yarn.
Some peach yarn.
When it arrives, I'll show it to you. Promise. Gotta hold that ET accountable, after all!

By the way, if you haven't read Crazy Aunt Purl today, go do it. Hopefully that link will take you to the right post. I think she's been tuning in to my frustrations and aspirations. In any case, the post gave me a lot to think about.

So I'm off to think about them. And to dream, in color, about what to make with these yarns!!


Sheepish Annie said...

I read CAPs post and thought it to be rather thought-provoking myself.

Loving the Project Spectrum colors! I guess I'm thinking of autumn these days...

Madge said...

I applaud your PS color coordinated yarn purchases. Er, I mean, ET's color coordinated yarn purchases. Well done.

And here's to living in the now. Hear, hear!

Madge said...

P.S. Go check out

It ties in nicely with your post!

Ellen Bloom said...

Hmmmmm...dreaming about yarn....I do that ALL the time! Sweet dreams.

CatBookMom said...

Your roses are beautiful! The heat or something else has been making all our rose blossoms small and deformed. Sigh.

I did read CAP, and I'm glad to know that she's come to an important place in her life.

And that See Jayne Knit yarn? You'll be ordering more, I predict it!