Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Adios, July!

Do you want the commercial first, or the eye candy?
As if I need to ask!

Here's a little quilty goodness for inspiration. This is the new shop where my quilting class is currently meeting.

No, this is NOT the commercial. This is the eye candy!

I just love being surrounded by fabric, and quilt tops, and all sorts of fibery fun.

Makes me want to come home and make quilts.

This shop is in an industrial building so it's got that funky HVAC-in-the-ceiling thing going on. Lots of exposed pipes, that kind of thing.

But the red walls don't look industrial at all.
Okay, here's the commercial. You have to save me from myself--there are too many adorable kittens out there needing homes. I CANNOT have another cat. I may WANT one, but I just can't.
Why? Well, I have 3. The limit in this town is 3. More to the point, however, one of my 3 is FIV positive. Yeah, he's also known as Expensive Cat. I think, since he's already 14 or 15 years old, it's not going to shorten his life span appreciably, but he's still high maintenance.

Oh, these are some of Gail's quilt squares. Aren't they pretty? This is going to be one stunning quilt when it's done. King size. Oh my. Hopefully I will be able to get more pictures of it as it heads toward completion.

Anyway, back to the kitten situation. Anne found a home for her little black foundling, happily. Patty is still looking for a home for Charlie Brown. She has the most, I mean MOST adorable pictures of the little guy posted--go check out her Flickr badge! Then today I heard from Lyssa, who currently has 6 little ones up for adoption. Check them out on her kitten blog! (Yes, she has two.)
Please help! Save me from the kitten lust!

One more quilt picture for you. In spite of my blurry photography (I must learn to use the camera properly. I must learn to use the camera properly.) this is quite a lovely piece. I am especially fond of the amalgam of snowflakes and cubes. I want to make one like this, but I don't think I will be able to duplicate this one--nor would I want to. I'm thinking, white snowflakes, blue skies... maybe the cubes in greens and beiges and greys.

Motivation to clean out my sewing room and make it work for me! I would post pictures of the disaster area, but I'm afraid I would lose my PG-14 rating. My father used to refer to the room as a g**d**n warehouse. But then, he was also known to refer to the entire household as a g**d**n cathouse. Anyway, once it's in better shape, I will share some snaps... if I can learn to use the blankety camera, already!


junie said...

Lovely quilt tops and pieces. Where are you meeting? It certainly looks like a great place for fibery things.

As for the kitties, they are so cute. I can't have one because Vader forgets he is disabled and he still tries to chase them. Then he has to visit the vet.

Why do dogs hate cats? He didn't chase old Kimi-Kimi, my Himilayan. Vader never bothered her. Of course, she was here first. Maybe that's the answer. Cat first, then puppy.

Betcha break down and take one of those babies home... (g)

Annette said...

Those pictures make me want to start quilting. Especially the one with the snowflakes. But I must resist. I do no need another hobby...or another kitten, no matter how tempting they are! :)

Sheepish Annie said...

Would that I were close enough to come and rescue the sweet little kitty! Alas, I am not. And I suspect the my two might object anyway. My Smaller, Less Fluffy Kitty has never quite forgiven me for her baby sister's arrival...

Meanwhile, the eye candy was appreciated and I'll think good thoughts for Charlie Brown!

CatBookMom said...

Beautiful quilt pictures, though I'm still -thanks to all the gods! - completely without quilting urges, no matter how gorgeous the fabrics.

About the kittens. Well, I just have to NEVER look at any in real life. Midnight is 15 and frail, so a kitten would be very hard on her, much as I lust for kitteny fun. Be strong.

Madge said...

Beautiful quilt tops. It's always so inspiring to see what you and your students are working on!

Must. Resist. Kitty. Fu. Must. Resist.

Sarah-Hope said...

I'm struck by how many of those quilts have brown as a dominant color--yet they don't look at all dour.

Hold tight on the no-new-kittens policy. All other things aside, your current cats will be furious if you try to expand the family.