Monday, August 13, 2007

Sunday "Sports"

What does one do when it's Sunday and hot out? How about visiting one's local stamp pusher...err, demonstrator, yeah, that's it!--even when she's not super-local. Maria was having an Open House, with some super-fast and quick projects to make. So over the river and through the freeways we went (yes we do have rivers out here, even though they are all encased in cement troughs and are bone dry this time of year!) and a good time was had by all. Can I just mention that it was 104 out in Rancho Cucamonga?

So I came home to a cooler project. When the knitting mojo has wilted from the heat--and trust me, driving almost 100 miles round trip in that heat will wilt anyone's mojo--there are still yarny things to do with the fan blowing.

Winding yarn!!

These are some "previously acquired" skeins: the two big ones are Fleece Artist BFL, one skein each of Blackberry and Autumn. The middle-sized on is Sea Wool in Autumn, and the two small ones are the skeins of Lori Lawson's handpaints from the trip to LPK on Saturday.

It can take a long time to wind this much yarn! The BFL is laceweight and has 1000 meters per skein. I think they will become shawls--I have some Fiber Trends patterns marinating in my stash that I think will work just beautifully!
And yes, MS3 is still in Time Out. I moved it around this morning but haven't made a final decision about it. We'll see how things go later today!
Meantime, there are two tubs of Black Water Abbey waiting for me to wind them. I was looking at pictures of Celtic Dreams and getting the urge to cable... Yeah, it's almost 100 here today and I'm thinking of heavy wool and cables. I think the heat has melted my brain. Either that, or the a/c is finally working!


Sheepish Annie said...

Just the thought of all that heat makes me want to nap!!! I'm glad you stayed strong and got all that yarn wound. Yarn cakes are just so pretty. And calorie-free! (which is good when it is hot and you have to wear shorts and all...)

jillian said...

In air conditioning, all knitting things are possible!

mary said...

Ahhhh yarn! It's a beautiful sight for my sore eyes; will you please bring to group so I can drool?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors!! I hear ya about MS3, I finally bit the bullet and frogged her. Since I was only 1 1/2 repeats in, it wasn't that painful.

Black Water Abby cabled sweater....sounds scrumptious! It will cool down eventually and you'll need that sweater.

Romi said...

Mmmmmmmmm. Yummy yarn!

Madge said...

Delectable yarn cakes!

A/C = a SoCal knitter's best friend this time of year.

Ellen Bloom said...

Yummmm....yeah, yarn cakes...not fattening and positively gorgeous. All things orange positively captivate me!