Thursday, August 16, 2007


Note: no pictures in this post. There is a reason for this. My trusty camera is sick! I had taken it out to the back yard for some photo shooting--you know, pics of roses and spiderwebs and such--and on my way back to the house, I got sorta kinda tangled up with an old push broom that LEAPED out at me and tripped me up! Camera went flying, and after I had picked myself up out of the tangle of old lawn chairs, I finally found it. Seemed to be all right, but then yesterday when I tried to take some yarn pr0n photos, I couldn't get the lens cover to open. I finally got it open, and then of course it wouldn't close. D4 finally got it closed, but it's going to need a trip to the Camera Hospital.

The up side of this is that I cannot take a picture of my bruise. Trust me, you don't want to see it, even if it is a deep rich royal purple. I would so love some yarn in this color...

So I'm trying a new tactic in my battle with Stash Enhancement. This consists of wallowing in what's already here, as opposed to going out to find more more more. Yeah, I told ET, this is like bolting the barn door after the horse is off and running, isn't it? But I have to say, it's amazing and awe-inspiring to see what's already here. I'm currently winding some of my treasures from Stitches West, with lots of help from Simon and kibitzing from Padua. (HiHi, on the other hand, is much more interested in his new feather-tailed mousie.)

So, tonight a little Train Wreck TV (the kind that's so bad you hate yourself for watching but can't tear yourself away) and lots of yarn winding. The a/c works in the living room, so it will be much cooler than outside!

And if I have to leave the camera at the CH, maybe I can persuade D4 to loan me hers for a few snaps. Just a couple of pictures...


mary said...

Sorry to hear camera is in the CH and I'm glad that all you got was a bruise from the tangle with the broom. Go fondle your yarn. You have lots of lovelies there!

CatBookMom said...

My trusty old Kodak film camera finally died a couple of years ago after several falls. Neither our new film camera nor the digital deals as well with feline red-eye. I miss it.

I hope the CH will be able to fix your camera. Last week I discovered that the good camera store on Ventura near Laurel Canyon is gone. LMK when you find a good shop.

Don't tell the ET about the gorgeous alpaca coming up at Elann next Tuesday, the tweeds that are in the Sneak Peeks. Don't tell her, and maybe that will help me stay away, too. But I'm not counting on it.

Sheepish Annie said...

Good lord! You must be careful when walking past those scary brooms!!! I'll think good thoughts for you and the poor camera.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness! Sorry to hear about your camera. I hope you're not too banged up.

I hear you on the joys of stash playing, I try to do this to keep me from buying more yarn....sometimes it works....other times it doesn't

Madge said...

Glad you're okay, but poor, broken camera. Hope you get it fixed pronto.

And good luck with the winding and skeining and yarning. Everyone's being so stash efficient, I feel like a total slacker. And isn't cuddling with your yarn good for bruises?


Ellen Bloom said...

Oh Marie! Sorry to hear about your bruises. Argh.
I have an extra digi-cam that works most of the time (!?) that I'd be happy to loan you. Are you going to Fiber Fest in SM this weekend. I could bring it with me.

Annette said...

I hope you're not too sore from your fall! Playing in your stash is a good remedy. :)

junie said...

Gee, I am sorry you are all bruised up and your camera is broken. It sure took great pictures. Hopefully, it can be repaired.

What about you? Is the vegetation around your house grows so fast and thick. You must have terrific soil and a green thumb to boot.

I hope both you and the camera are all healed up soon.

Kate said...

Cameras can be repaired - I speak from experience here after dropping two of them!
I think your skein winding activities are to be highly commended - it's good to get back in touch with one's yarn - it keeps one grounded.

Ruth said...

Fer gosh sakes, be careful!! Yeah, you'll heal and the camera won't without the CH and all that, but I resemble this thinking (and tripping and breaking things).

Let me share my mantra: Slow down, you'll go faster. (and be safer)

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