Friday, February 09, 2007

Twice Today!

First, the usual camellia eye candy. This bush has an interesting history, sort of. It was growing next to the "old" back door of this house, along with another one. When we added on, it was obvious that the other one would have to be moved, but we thought this one could be left in place. Sure enough, the deck was built with a nice opening for its trunk. It's been thriving, and even outlasted the first version of the deck. Its sister, a deep red peony-flowered variety, was moved--Nurseryman: you can't move camellias in September! Husband: It's that or cut it down. Nurseryman: here's how to do it. Success!

Now, here we have something much less successful. Way, way, WAY less! This got frogged as soon as it had been photographed. And no, it's not my version of a thong--it's the start of a Candleflame shawl. So unsuitable in this yarn!

Version #2: much more successful. This is great waiting-room and "coffee" knitting!

Finally, some snowdrops looking as if they'd much rather be in the snow than in the hard-baked clay that is my yard:

Knit Devil (fiendish person that she is) sent me a letter for her meme (read all about it on her blog) which basically asks you to list 10 things that are important to you that start with that letter. She assigned me C. (If you want your own letter, leave a comment on her blog, and she'll send you one of your very own.)
So here are mine, in no particular order.
1. My maiden name begins with a C. Which, of course, means that my dad and brother have the same last name. They are both known as Chick or Chicky.
2. Caitlin, aka D3. Obvious, no?
3. Courtney, aka D5. Ditto. When my husband called my mom to tell her that she had a new granddaughter and her name was Courtney, he said there was a long pause. Finally my mom said, Well, we'll love her anyway.
4. Cats. Love them furball critters!
5. Connecticut. My spiritual home, I think.
6. Cobalt blue glass--Royal Lace pattern especially.
7. Children's books. I have loved to read ever since I was a wee little thing. The family story is that I taught myself to read from the newspaper, which would have been a neat trick since it was an English-language paper and I didn't speak English till I went to school.
8. Craftsman-style houses. No, I don't live in one; my 1921 house is a pseudo-Tudor. I still love the style!
9. Chilly weather. I don't do well in the heat; I'm one of those people who, like my favorite flowers, needs a winter chill to thrive. If I don't get it I have a very cranky outlook.
10. Chocolate Candy. Nuff said??
Hmmm... there are a lot of things I love that didn't get on this list. Who could believe that not a single one of my grand-darlings has a name that starts with C??


Madge said...

Thanks for playing the alphabet meme!

junie said...

Dear Marie:

Love the Candleflame design...good thing you put up the big piece, or I would have thought it was a "thong." (g) It is great. Who would have known that the pattern would look that great in the pink/blue yarn.

The camellia is just lovely. Thanks for sharing it with us.


mary said...

I agree; the trinity shawl looks much better than in candleflame. C is so fitting for you. All I would have to write is... "C is for cookie; that's good enough for me."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE,LOVE the camellia. They are one of my favorite flowers. Do you know the variety? I love the varigated pink and white. I have a few camellia trees and bushes around my house, all are solid colors only. I think I might have to get one of these varigated varieties. Bravo on your Candleflame!