Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I'm Back--I Think!

It was rather an extended hiatus, caused mostly by the "terminal illness" of my beloved laptop. While it's still hanging on, it's not working for posting. Or, really, for much of anything except playing certain CDs or DVDs that for one reason or another won't play on the Sony player. Now I have a new iPad with a keyboard and as I get used to it, this is one of the things I'd like to resume.

But I digress. I really do want to use this blog to chronicle my ups, downs, travels, quilts, knitting projects, grandchildren, and all that other minutiae of life. The blog format lets me ramble a bit more!

So in the near future--how's that for vague? Could be tonight, could be next week!--I'd like to update with pictures of my WIPs and UFOs and finishes too. Hope you'll enjoy being along for the ride!

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Lee I said...

Hurray! I have several blogs-in-progress and I haven't been able to close on any of them. Looking forward to yours.

Michael Noble said...

Do it!

Michael Noble said...

Do it!

Cathie Jones said...

Welcome back!

The Clams said...

Wonderful! I have missed your musings!