Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Prismatic Star--A New Project!

Because the first thing you want to do when you finish one big project is start another one, right? Actually, I started prepping this one a little while ago. Judy Niemeyer had the sample and pattern at Asilomar and did a demo of the cutting and piecing involved. Well... I bit. 

I tried several different combinations of fabrics, but these were the final choice. The lime green with pink Queen Anne's Lace flowers will be the background--the rose-colored part you see on the pattern. I hope this will work out the way I'm visualizing it! 

And...back to wonky editing/uploading features! Guess this post is going to be text on top, pictures below. Not much to explain, really--the two bottom pictues show the cutting and prepping involved and the bottom picture is the first four diamond sets. Each set of 8 fabrics will make 4 "star segments." I've made Lone Star quilts before and, although they're a bit finicky, I really love the look  

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