Monday, April 13, 2015

Hosta Progress--Oh Yeah!!

Well--it's done. The top of my Fire Island Hosta has been finished. A few "minor details" like getting it quilted, and then it will really truly be a quilt. 

Here she is having a photo session on the grass--we had to weight the corners down with rocks, because it was breezy today! Anne came over to sew--and she was really productive, too, maybe she'll revive her blog and post a few pictures? It's always fun to have a friend to sew with. She's much more encouraging to sew with than Shyla!

The next series of pictures are in-progress shots. Because I'm still wrangling with the various Blogger programs, I think I'll just caption them instead of writing a whole lot. Besides, the top is done now, so it's not that thrilling to see how it got there. Is it?

Testing out the layout
After sewing all the curves, these sectioins need to be joined

Testing the way the corners will line up. Surprise--they match!

Curves sewn to curves sewn to curves!

I don't usually use this many pins to sew a curve, but I was nervous!

Stacking them up as they're sewn in.

Laying out all the components, ready to start sewing the-gulp!-curves!

Some lefts, some rights, and I don't want to mix them up!
Well, that's it for now! Of course I have something else in the pipeline--I'm afraid I suffer from ADOS* when it comes to quilts!
*ADOS--Attention Deficit Oooh Shiny! 


Gail C said...

Beautiful....simply beautiful.

Lee I said...

ADOS...Oh Shiny.
Have I mentioned that it's gorgeous?
I think I spent 5 or 10 minutes playing with Archy. I just love him. I tried to put him to sleep but he'd catch me out.