Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Pinwheel Progress--Another One Goes Home!

Things are a bit discombobulated over here in Trying-To-Blog Land. Since I don't like presenting you with a wall o' text, I do like to include pictures! However, I've kind of changed my picture-taking habits, and that's the problem.

You see, taking pictures on my camera is a several-step process--take picture, upload to computer (or iPad), insert in blog.  That also includes finding the right cable connection for that particular camera, and assumes the computer is feeling up to making the effort. Which, it must be said, it isn't often.

Easier by far to take the pictures with the phone--but so far I haven't found an app that works very well for writing the text.

So I'm experimenting with uploading the pictures from the phone to one of the apps, then finishing up by adding the text on the computer.

So here's the latest installment/update on the saga of the multiple Pinwheels.

Number Four has gone home. Had a nice ride in the back of the minivan!

Here's a closer look at it. This is the one with the green backing.

The blue-backed one is now being bound. Lots of help from Shyla on this one!

Okay, going to hit publish on this installment and let's see how it looks!


simplygailc said...

The work of your hands is inspirational. The 30's prints look wonderful.

Lee I said...

There is a Blogger app for Android. Might there be one in the iStore? I'm not sure how to get the photos into Android Blogger. The text is clear cut but I don't feel like doing passages of text on the phone. I haven't tried and Android tablet.

Anonymous said...

Well I got pictures and text (not necessarily in the order you intended, but I got the idea!)
Plus, those quilts look amazing - as always!