Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Fire Island Hosta at Asilomar

Second installment of the great blogging experiment! Here are a few pictures I took while I was at Asilomar this year for Empty Spools Seminars' Sessions I and II. 

Looking out of the window of the classroom, there are usually a few friends coming by for breakfast or their afternoon snack. 
And the views on the walk down to meals is spectacular.

Oh, did you want to see progress on the quilt? Okay!  This picture was taken after I got home, but the basic setup is the same as I had at Asilomar. Louise and I worked at adjacent tables with this folding mat/pressing surface between us. She'd set up her mat on the other side, so we each had our own cutting mat and we could share the iron and ironing board. Note that I keep all my cut-off pieces in a bag. Both in our class and at home, we "know people" who use these trimmings as stuffing for pet mats for shelter animals. I also use a big glass punchbowl on my dining room table to catch trimmings when I'm cutting out a project.

Have I mentioned how much I love my fabrics? Well, I'm really in love with the colors and patterns of these batiks.  The butterflies don't really show up but I like the effect anyway. These colors are hard to photograph accurately--on real life they are closer in color than they seem here.

The reddish purples only appear in this set of borders;  the second set of swag borders is dark green and pale pale blue. This photo shows the front and back of one of the swag units. The finished piece looks much less complicated than the foundation paper!

And here's the center of the top, laid out on my bed at home. It's a queen size quilt (duh, yes, it's the Fire Island Hosta Queen!) and this is a preview of how it will fit on the bed.

Next step will be to attach the swags and border pieces. Lots and lots of curved piecing involved. Look for another installment of this quilt soon--I'm really motivated to work on it!


Lee I said...

I'm confused about what you worked on at Asilomar. Both of the past two quilts you published? Due to the similar type of paper piecing, I think I thought they were different parts of the same really big quilt!

Anonymous said...

That Hosta quilt is stunning!
I like how the batik butterflies look abstract in those small triangles.