Monday, February 10, 2014

Twirly Whirly

 Managed to get some quilting done this weekend. Got out the cutting board and mat and ruler and cut a whole lot of strips getting ready for my Asilomar project.

Next step is to cut the strips into the right size pieces, using the templates I made. I guess this is what I get for using an old pattern--the new ones now have newsprint layouts of all the templates, so all you have to do is lay them on top of the fabric, clip it in place, and cut on the marked cutting lines.
Oh well. Next project I'll have that!

 Even managed to get down to the Pinwheel Pile!

Now all 150 of the squares that are here (as in, here in my sewing room, not hidden in depths of the garage or the bowels of the storage unit) have their first sashing strips attached.


Then it was on to sewing cornerstones to more sashing strips. Once these are done, I will sew them to the pinwheel blocks and then they'll have two sides done.

I'm hoping that these will go together pretty easily. I think I can sew them into rows of the right number of blocks, but I won't be able to finish assembling the tops until I find the box with the white squares for the setting triangles.

Sigh.  Always something!

Probably won't have much time to work on these anyway, till I get back from the seminar. Maybe there will be time to do some rearranging and spelunking to find the rest of the pieces for the Pinwheel Project. Hey, a girl can hope!

Speaking of girls, look who's been coming out for more and more petting time! She gets a little assertive about wanting to be petted, too--no typing allowed when Miss Shyla is out and about!

This picture was taken with her on the desk, and HiHi less than 6 feet away, on the floor. I won't even call it a staring contest--it was as if they were actually acknowledging each other and making sure that I pet both of them.

Oh, I found Little Miss's latest hiding place. Yes, she has managed to make a nest in my sewing machine rolly-case. Won't she be surprised when I load up the Bernina and take the case away with me!

That can't be very comfortable--there's a handle in there and some velcro closures. She looked out of the top of it and was very cute, but by the time I got the camera fired up she had decided to ignore me.

But it looks as if I finally have another "pet" cat!


Lee I said...

It's going well with the little gray kitten I'm taming.

Martha said...

Looks like you are getting quite a bit done!!! Lots of projects going on :^)
Love your cats, they have such personality!! We have one big dog only, husbands allergic to cats :(
Have a great week!!