Thursday, February 13, 2014

Onward, I think!

 On Monday I got started on cutting out the pieces using the templates I made last week. Yes, this part is tedious.

I am really looking forward to doing a newer pattern, where the templates are printed out on newsprint and all you have to do is clip them to the strips of fabric and cut on the lines.

Doesn't help that for a 12-block quilt there are insane numbers of pieces. This bag (#1) has 48 of each template.
Tuesday night was quilt class, so here's a couple of shares from there. Hey, it makes a change from itty bitty pieces...

Gail did this one. She started it last week and brought it, completely done, to class this week.

It's a kit she got at The Sew and Sew, which is  a local-to-me-now quilt shop. No, I haven't been in yet. I will, no worries. It's just that right now I am dealing with my own stash and don't need any more temptation!

This is why I haven't visited the local knit shop, either.
I was taught to "avoid the occasions of sin" which is just a fancy way of saying temptation. That's also why I am not going to Stitches West this year. Well, at least I don't plan to.

It's going to be bad enough being at Asilomar and in the vicinity of the Cotton Patch's conference store and Back Porch Fabrics. Besides, my heart belongs to New Moon!

Back to show n' tell. The Log Cabin is Anne's. She seems to think it's ugly, but we all liked it, and once she saw the picture, she agreed. This lap quilt will join her charity basket.

Another of Gail's completed projects, a wall quilt that came from a class with Jill Shumacher. It's done in a pale gold silk and you can really see the details if you clilck on the picture to make it bigger.

Today was a bit of a busy day--lots to do around here because it's the biweekly Invasion of the Cleaning Crew, which means I have to pick up and put away all the clutter that has accumulated since they were here two weeks ago. It's gotten pretty bad since I've been concentrating more on prepping my project than keeping the house tidy.  
However I did get it into a state where a quick round up tomorrow morning should be all I need to get it ready.

So back to the cutting and trimming and whttnot.

Help was freely offered. I guess someone didn't think I had pressed the strips well enough, because he offered to do it for me.

Really, cat? 

I'm not one of those people (though I know a certain number of them) who feel as though The Cat Must Have His Autonomy Respected. These people will not move a cat that's in their way--seriously. I'm not talking about being cozy in bed or on the couch with a good book or a good TV show and a warm cat, and oh I can't get up because I don't want to disturb the cat, ha ha.

Too bad, cat, you didn't land in that kind of a house. You can move your fur!
 So he moved.
A little bit.

And a little bit more.

But I have to cut 96 pieces out of each of these 7 fabrics, and that's just for this second bag.

Ooh, too tired to move any further...

Well, let's just say, I am the person here, and as such I am in control of the pop-tops on the cat food.
 That means my needs take priority. So I cut.

And cut.

And cut.

And finished cutting and bagging up the 96 x 7 pieces for Bag #2. Yes, I can do that math. No, I don't want to. It what pictuill make my head hurt.

Logic would dictate that I would then move on to Bag #3, but oh no. Bag #8 is next on the list.
Bag #8 takes 160 of the lighter star fabric and 160 of the darker star fabric.

The strips I cut weren't enough to make that many pieces. Luckily I had some extra strips in colors that would work. Sort of.

I cut them anyway. I had planned that the two sets of stars on this quilt would have totally different fabrics, but unless I --shhh! shop!--for more there will just have to be duplication.

You can probably just make out the indignant cat in that picture--look way in the back at the dark blob.

That's a cat who's giving me his best camera angle. You could just read indignation in every bit of fur.

I had to go take a picture from the front view... This cat is sulking. Well, he was. Then he went to sleep.

He's now curled up on top of my phone, which is charging, and holding down the book I was planning to read. He likes to be near me when I'm on the computer.
I even had a visit tonight from the shy grey one, who came out for some petting and loving. I guess she's forgiven me for taking away her hiding place. Just because I need to put my sewing machine in inconsiderate of me! Hmm, maybe I should just pack the machine in the car loose?

Nah. She'll adjust! And tomorrow, there will be lots more cutting. Lots and lots more!

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