Thursday, November 14, 2013

Catchup, Ketchup, Catsup!

"Great" room

Master bedroom--or sewing studio?
 Maybe one of these days/months/years I can start a post off without having the disclaimer about how oh my, time does fly when you're having fun, or even when you're not, and wherever has the time gone that I haven't spent blogging?

Well, I can say that for this month, and the last few, it's been flying by pretty fast, and accompanied by a world of changes.

I am now in escrow on two properties--one to sell, one to buy. It actually begins to look as if I dare to hope that they might actually both close successfully. If you've ever been in escrow, you know what I mean. I really do think the only thing that compares to being in escrow for discomfort, uncertainty of outcome, and general stress, is pregnancy. I will not carry that simile any further. That would be painful for all concerned.

Anyway, there are four pictures here of what may become my new home. It's a 2 bedroom one-story condo--more like half of a duplex. Once it's all a done deal and I'm really moving in, I'll get more pictures. It's a smallish development and very nicely landscaped and maintained. I can hardly dare to believe that the only outside maintenance I'm going to have is what you see in the two pictures here--a nice sunny patio (faces south) with a little bit of planting area if I choose to do anything with it other than keep the sago palms.
Patio looking left

Patio looking right
 And yes, that is the trunk of a palm tree. At least it's a pretty "cute" palm tree, the kind that is just slightly taller than the pergola. It has a respectable spread of fronds, too, and it's not one of those spindly skinny things with a teeny tiny cluster of frill at the top.

I could learn to love a palm tree. It's easy to take care of!

There's another small patio too, off the second bedroom. It's pretty shady and is part of the front entryway. I'm currently planning to use the second, smaller bedroom, as my "sleeping room." It's big enough for my bed and hopefully both dressers, and that way the big open sunny room can be my sewing room/craft room/studio/whatever. I might as well have the most pleasant place be the one where I'll probably spend the most time!

Meanwhile, there are still a lot of things left in the big old house that I won't have room for. So I guess I have to try to sell some of it, if I can, or palm it off on family. I've also been reminded that my "moving crew" is older than it used to be, and some of them are injured.
 I won't complain about them. After all, I'm not at all the energetic young thing I was the last time we moved. That was 41 years ago!!

Changes, changes. Always changes and the need to adjust my attitude to make the best of the new situation. At least in this case, it's going to make for a much easier life in a lot of ways.

It will be interesting to see what the cats do when they have to share half as much space, and all on one floor!
 I have managed to get a wee bit of quilting time in, fortunately. Well, prep work.

Cutting out papers for a paper piecing project counts as quilting, right? I picked this one because it was available--much of my quilting "stuff" is in storage or in the garage.

I'm also on the last sleeve of the last of the four little sweaters, so this was my "rest my hand from the scissors" activity.  Monday was the monthly meeting of the "Dear Jane, I Hate You" informal group--at least Anne was working on a Dear Jane block.

I was working on the paper piecing prep, Ethel was drawing out an applique design, and Judy was working on her hand piecing.

Well, as you can see in the picture to the right (or that's where it should be), HiHi had other ideas of what she should be doing! She is HiHi's babysitter when I'm gone, and she will spend lots of time with him when she comes over... in addition to feeding him. He was rather disappointed that she didn't open a can for him this day, but he did take over her box of project so she could do what he clearly saw as the most important activity of the day--petting the cat!

The last picture is a gratuitous food shot--pumpkin croissants from Trader Joe's, which are twice as delicious as they look!

Time to start packing and winnowing possessions again. This is the most not-fun activity on my agenda, and in fact, it's so not-appealing that I think I'll go get my flu shot instead!


DPUTiger said...

I LOVE that you're taking the tiny room for your bedroom and making the big awesome room your sewing/craft room. I don't get people who want huge bedrooms. I'd rather have that space in the room where I spend the most time AWAKE!

Lee I said...

I stopped to scritch Archy for a few moments before coming down here to comments. I concur with DPUTiger about not needing huge bedrooms. I wonder, too, why some people think they need a bathroom the size of a small apartment. (Of course, we saw a few bathrooms that went a little too far toward small this past fall. ;-) Fingers crossed for your two escrows!