Friday, November 15, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Different

 A note of explanation about the blurred quality of the following photos. I don't think it's the camera (but it might be the photographer), most likely it's the lighting and the fact that the subjects are never, ever still.

There was a birthday party tonight, for A1, who is now 6. It was held at Jumping Jack's,  one of those "why didn't I think of that?" kind of places. Talk about a great organization and a way for kids to have fun! The place is set up with "rooms" that your party can move through, half an hour in each bouncy room (there are three) and then an hour in the "cake room."

This is what a bouncer looks like when it's filled with lively bouncy kids. Boing boing boing. The room also has an area for tamer pastimes, like a pirate ship climber for toddlers. I think there were four big bouncers in this room, though I may have lost track.

The second room is lit by black light. Sort of a 70s flashback, but done in glowing "space" themes.

I have no idea how many bouncy houses this room had. The third room had a basketball hoop and a few other sports-themed activities. Oh, and bouncy houses.

Lots and lots of bouncing.

Then the party moved to the cake room. 
A1 loves horses. Loves. Horses. Yes, there were a couple of large horses among the gifts.

There was pizza and spaghetti, a selection of sodas, and the birthday girl's mom brought a big tray of raw veggies and dip, and a big BIG platter of cut fruit, all of which got devoured.

The spaghetti was (surprisingly to this jaded grandmother) quite tasty. Nice bite to the meatballs and the sauce was yummy too.
 This is one of the tables full of party-ers.

Birthday girl is on the far right, looking a bit pensive. This was just before the pizza was served.
 A2 and Cousin N8 enjoyed the cake.

Yes, they are always slightly out of focus like this. Believe me, this was the best picture I could get of them.
 Cousin G really likes pizza and veggies.

He's also really good at shooting baskets!

A2 with her uncle Jeff--well, she has two uncles named Jeff, but since the other one lives in Conn., he wasn't available to hold her up so she could watch big sister open presents.

However, he may be coming out soon, as he's said he'll come help me move.

Oh yeah. This was all a nice distraction from escrow worries.

My other activities today included getting a flu shot and meeting with a CPA to talk about some financial things that have been concerning me. Turns out that one of them was easy-peasy, and the other had him scratching his head. He'll look into it and get back to me.

Tomorrow will be filling boxes. Time to start emptying bookshelves, I think. Now there's a task to make me flinch!

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