Thursday, July 25, 2013

Two More FOs and...

 I know it seems to be all-quilting (well, all-pinwheels) all the time around here lately, but I do still knit occasionally. Took advantage of knitting group time this week to tackle sewing the buttons onto the two sweaters at the left.

Pink is for Audrey, aka A1, and the green is for Abby, aka A2. There are two more in progress, for the two boys.

Those have reached Sleeve Hell. The sleeves, you see, are worked on DPNs.

That's double-point needles if you don't speak Knitspeak! Kind of fiddly, and there seems to be a problem with my house and DPNs. As in, it eats them.

Seriously, it's now happened twice. The "spare" needle suddenly drops out of my hand and/or goes flying. I hear it hit the floor. And then I can't find it anywhere. So frustrating.

I have moved my chair, and the end table, and looked behind the curtains (there were ants, so now there is ant bait there too), moved the ottoman, moved the sofa, checked the edges of the rug. Vanished.

But the sweaters are done, and will be collected by their new owners this weekend. Just in time for a hot steamy August!!

And in the meantime it's back to pinwheels. This part of the process is going to look a lot like the last one, so if you want to see how they go together just check a couple of back posts.

The main difference is that these pinwheels will spin in the opposite direction. 

 This was where I left off last night--at this point, all 150 have their yellow squares attached, and I'm sewing the second square onto this assembly.

Have the first 50 done and working my way through the second 50. Progress would be much faster, but my neuropathy is acting up and when the pain in my feet is too bad I can't sew any more--at least on the machine.

So tonight is turning into a TV/knit/hand sewing night. That's okay, it's Project Runway and some other DVRd stuff. Tomorrow we'll have to see what can get done!

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Martha said...

You're making good progress!!! Well done :-) Love those sweaters, they are adorable!!!