Tuesday, July 23, 2013

That "P" Word (Pinwheels)

 I'm beginning to feel like a one-note song, chanting about pinwheels all the time! But it's a project I'm really having a lot of fun with, and this batch of blocks have reached the stage when they really are looking like something!

Here's the first 50 finished blocks. I'm piecing them very randomly and trying hard not to duplicate any fabrics in any one block. Mostly I'm succeeding, but a few have slipped by me--probably due to the exciting programming I'm watching on my little DVD player!

The supervisor is, as usual, making himself indispensable.  However could I mange to sew without an arm warmer?

Especially when it's very warm and very muggy out.

He does get up and walk around a fair amount--I think he gets bored, at least when he's not sleeping.
Luckily this stage doesn't require a whole lot of manipulation.

 He is inspecting these stacks of blocks, probably noting with disfavor a distinct lack of cat hair on them. He'll remedy that soon enough!

The last two pictures are the blocks in stacks as I've finished them--first, two stacks of 50 each, and then 3. That's the first 150 blocks done!

Just a refresher, each quilt will take 50 blocks. I have another whole set of these to start sewing together now.

I've debated about whether to start making the quilts, or go ahead and sew the next 150 blocks. I'm opting to sew the other blocks, because I know my Oooo Shiny! syndrome all too well. I really want to get all of these quilts done more or less simultaneously, because if I don't, well, there may be a few more UFOs to add to my list over there ---> and I really don't want to do that!

So it's onward and upward, and tomorrow is another day and a fresh stack of blocks and yellow squares and pinwheel assembly!

Oh, and I have to finish cutting those 750 sashing strips, too. Not sure if I have enough cornerstone blocks, but I'll soon find out...

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Lee I said...

They're very pretty. I doubt I have the persistence to do that much production in a row, however.