Monday, June 17, 2013

What's In A Name?

Another day when Blogger is playing with my pictures and my mind... I may need to redo some of this post because it's not going to make much sense otherwise!  Oh well... forging ahead!

I read an article this morning (can't find it right now and not sure I want to give it more publicity) talking about blogging which made some rather condescending remarks about "personal" blogs and how, of course, anyone can write a blog to express their personal thoughts, but no one really wants to read those. The key to identifying "those" blogs?  They have "musings" in their names.

So tell me, please--do you get turned off by my blog name?  What else could I have called it? Am I wrong to feel this was a put-down?

Okay, moving on to happier things. Just in case I haven't Double Wedding Ring'd you to death, here's another in-progress photo that my son found and scanned in for me. This was taken at a friend's "cabin"--two story, five bedrooms, not exactly "little cabin in the woods"--back around oh, 1988 or so. Four or five of us had gone for a sewing weekend away, and I got the first strip of rings assembled.

This quilt was done using a pattern that Mary Ellen Hopkins had done, and it had you setting the corner squares into the spaces after the rings were added, rather than making them  a part of the melons as most other patterns do. It actually worked very well, because it was pretty easy to make them fit.

I even had hair back then...

Fast forward to this weekend, which had some good grandma-time for me.

Started on Friday with N8's preschool "graduation" at his daycare. He's been in with the kindergarten class, although he'll be starting "real" kindergarten at the local elementary school this fall.

Had an interesting conversation with G, because I tried to tell him he's now a second grader, and he kept insisting that he wouldn't be in second grade until fall.

I love talking to the kids. They have such a unique take on things.

Sunday was Father's Day and a great day for the beach. So  I got to accompany these two cuties and their parents.
Lots more pictures on Flickr if you want to see more sun, sand, and fun.

I discovered that I can apparently walk barefooted in beach sand without too much pain, so I enjoyed that part of it particularly.

The water was cool but not uncomfortably cold. No, I didn't go in any deeper than my knees. That would require that I actually own a swimsuit, which I don't currently.

May need to remedy that soon. One thing at a time. I have new shoes, and am now working on breaking them in for my upcoming trip. And, you know, that thing called "walking" that I need some practice doing.

Ready for another update on the pinwheels?

Here it comes, ready or not.

The supervisor kept insisting on helping as I was trying to finish sewing the last of the blocks, so I tried draping them over him.

It was a cute effect, and it didn't discourage him. I didn't really think it would!
So at this point, all of the blocks have been sewn and they've all been cut apart--in other words, each "square" is now two blocks.

I spent most of my time on Friday night at Quilknittys pressing one stack and trimming them.

I didn't bring all of them with me--at that point some of them were still not cut apart.

I'll try to get a picture later today when I set up the workroom to get going on the rest of them. I've been clipping them together in groups of 25 just so I can keep track somewhat of the ones that are done.

I have 75 pressed and trimmed. Of the batch I brought with me on Friday, there were 204 blocks of one direction, which means there should be over 400 just in that group.

It takes 200 to make one (large!) quilt. I have no idea how many are in this second grouping, but I think I'll be making at least 4 quilts out of all these pinwheels--maybe more, if I make them a little smaller.

I guess I;d better stop blogging and get busy with the iron and the squaring up, huh?


Lee I said...

All I have to say about the critics of personal musings blogs is fu. Those are the kind that interest me, and once someone gets too teachy or inspirational or ... boring, I give up. I'm more interested in people and their lives than some treatise. So keep Mehitabel musing.

Gail said...

Oh my gosh N8 has grown! You'll be looking up to him before you know it.

As for reading personal blogs, especially your amusings, I don't need someone telling me what I should or shouldn't bother reading, particularly when they base their displeasure on one word. I enjoy learning what is going on with you and your clan. Raspberries to the disser.

Gail said...

Leave it to me to call the G-man by baby bro's name. I can only plead that I just saw Joss Whedon's version of Much Ado About Nothing and am having to slide back into modern American English. Poor excuse, I know.

=Tamar said...

Sheesh. What else would you put in a blog? Canned articles from elsewhere? Web-logs were invented as and named for the logbook that records your journey. Muse on!