Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Finish, and Some Progress

 So the pinwheels are coming right along. I had pressed a bagful on Friday night and clippied them into groups of 25--I have a total of 225  from that bag.

What I've done now is sorted the ones that you can kinda see in the bin into bags as well--there's one bag of pinwheels that turn in the same direction as these, and two bags that turn in the opposite direction.

Tonight I finished trimming the last 100 blocks. It was a quiet night at class, just right for this kind of activity.

Here's a quickie view of the ruler I'm using. You can see how the diagonal lines up with the seam line on the larger half triangle; I just trim away everything over 4.5".  Not too difficult.

Even the blocks that I had paired with the 5" precut squares have enough leeway to let me square them up.

Next task will be to press and square up the rest of the baggies-full. It actually goes pretty quickly, and I'm planning to set up my little video player and then I can watch a movie while I press and cut. I can also do some of my exercises while sitting there--so definitely multitasking!

 The Tumblers quilt is done. The first picture was taken just before its bath, which happened today.

The next two show it laid out across the guest bed.  I haven't measured it, but I think, based on the width of the mattress, that it's probably 60" wide and maybe as long as 90" or a little more.

So an extra-long twin, or a throw on a larger bed.

I admit to being a little surprised that it came out so much narrower and longer than I expected, based on how it looked on this same bed before quilting.

But, it's still a pretty quilt and should be fun to use. I'm hoping it will find a happy home soon!

There are a LOT of different prints in it!  Probably a few more duplicates than in the pinwheels, but still an enormous variety. I love it!

And yes... I did start sewing down the binding on another quilt as soon as this one was done. I'm working on the Lily of the Valley quilt now, which is quite a bit smaller. It's the third of six that need binding.