Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

First of all, I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Mom, grandma, wanna-be mom, don't-wanna-be mom, had a mom, know a mom, miss a mom, spent the day with mom...whatever. It's YOUR day to celebrate any way you want to!
 I put my cards up on the mantel. I also brought the little figurine front and center, because it's such a charming depiction of three generations interacting.

Kind of reminds me of making the curtains for the little girls' redecorated bedroom--their mom working with me, and the girls checking in periodically to see how much progress was being made.

Pictures from that are here.

The boys made cards for their aunties. Of course they were puzzles, which said aunties then had to put together to be able to read them!

G helped Meg with hers.

Courtney had to struggle without too much assistance, except that on hers, each word was on a separate piece so that made it a little easier.

Except, of course, for the blank pieces. 
They really are growing up fast! In a couple of weeks, G will be turning 7.

Seems like just the other day he arrived to join our family. After a year of stunning losses, it was wonderful to have the joy of a new baby to love and cherish and to revel in his growth.

Now he's the oldest of this little gaggle of cousins, and a great little crew they are!
 The basket on the coffee table holds puzzles and  games to entice them.

Today was really too hot to play outside for very long, so even though they had brought bikes and scooters, it was much more pleasant inside.
 There are also a couple of pint-sized "hutches" with dishes and toy cars and other small things to play with, as well as a couple of baby dolls with doll-sized quilts.

It's always fun to see what attracts them each time they're over.

It was also fun to see what attracted Scott, our mad eBayer, who's been specializing in buying and selling toys. So far, he's resisted the siren song of Depression glass, but it may not be for long!
The menu was delish! Mimosas (of course) and fruit salad with a lovely light orangey dressing; scrambled eggs, sausage, shrimp cocktail, aebelskivers with lingonberries or lemon curd or Nutella inside...

 There was room for everyone at the table without putting in another leaf.

Of course, the kids got the bar stools--Abby got the highest one, but she's agile enough to get up and down with no problems.

More pictures of the rest of the crew.

We all had a good time eating and talking and enjoying being together. Missed the far-away folks a lot, though.

Ought to be back to quilting and knitting content soon. Most of the last week was taken up with sorting and filing paperwork (some of it back to 2006!), going through the pantry (mail carriers' food drive was Saturday, and I had a lot of things to pass along to them, all those wonderful things that I know I won't eat before they go out of code!) and the fridge and tossing out the expired things and the unknown objects in the very back of the fridge...and I just did that. Well, before Christmas, but the way time flies, that was just a couple of weeks ago, right? Right?

I also sorted through a lot of yarn and sent some of it along for a charity project that a friend in Indiana is organizing. Hopefully when it gets ready I can share more of it with you, but for now it's stamped Top Secret. Also sent a couple of things to Jennie-in-Denver who has a better reason to knit heavy sweaters than I do!

But I'm almost done with the binding on one of the six (six!) quilts that need only that to be done, so maybe tomorrow will be my first May F.O. Assuming of course that I can resist the siren song of my bed!

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