Friday, May 17, 2013

Hoorah for Finishing Something!

 Celebrating the first of the six (current) bindings that need to be finished--one down! Five to go, but who's counting?

Finished sewing the binding late last night, but waited till today to take its picture. Here it is reposing on a chair and basking in the joy of being finished.

(If you look over in the upper right side, you can see a chair that's full of finished quilts waiting for various destinations.)

Here it is after its bath, all soft and crinkly.
 A close-up. Indulge me, please, while I enjoy the look of a truly finished quilt.
With a corner flipped up, you can see the binding and also the quilting on the back.

Oh, and of course it's already been put to use.

My daughter and her girls came over to help me plant some bulbs that had been sprouting in peat pots on the back deck. Well, of course my daughter is the one who did all the work. The girls found a lot of interesting things to do in the yard, though, including finding worms, squishing holly berries, and pulling all the dead camellias off the bushes.

After dinner while Mom and I talked a bit, they got to curl up with the new quilt and watch a little Netflix.

So, with one WIP done, it was back to work on the pinwheel quilt.

The supervisor did not approve of my work plan. He was quite vocal about it, too.

Okay, I need to be the Krazy Kat Lady here for a minute. I love love love his big white paws! 

No, you will not do this, at least not this way.

This is quite nice in the warm-and-fuzzy department but not really conducive to good quilting seams.

Finally found an acceptable solution--I moved the stack of white fabric out of the way, and that made room for Mr. Widebody.

The pinwheel quiilt is coming along now. I don't have all the white-and-color half-square triangles done yet, but I've started on the last set of colors.

I had to stop and change bobbins twice. Bernina bobbins hold an insane amount of thread, so that will give you an idea of how many of these triangles I'm sewing. I'm actually on the last of the pre-wound (by me, in anticipation of this project) bobbins, so when this one runs out I'll be winding another dozen or so. I do stop and oil the machine and clean the lint out every second bobbin--I'm using cotton thread for this and it is lintier than the poly, but not by much.

There does seem to be an accumulation of cat hair, though. Wonder why that is?


Linda Nelson said...

Marie, I've only become a quilter the past few years and only make lap size quilts. Your finished quilt is gorgeous! Congrats to you for finishing another piece of art. Linda

Lee I said...

That is so insanely, wonderfully colorful. And random, from what I can see. Love it.