Friday, February 15, 2013

The Ides of February

With my son and his wife in town to visit their son, they're taking the opportunity to spend some time with the sisters and their families, too.

And I'm tagging along whenever I can!

Today was lunch and celebrating Abby's third birthday at Farrell's. Back in the day, Farrell's was THE place for birthday celebrations--singing and banging drums and dancing and sirens and clanging bells and all kinds of noise and fun. The chain is back in operation and as much fun as ever--so cute to introduce a  new generation to it all!

So here's Uncle Jeff with his little nieces.
And Abby being sung and danced to--she loved the whole thing.
Audrey and Mom checking out the menus.

Note the identical sunglasses-on-top-of-the-head action going on here.
Abby clearly thinks this is a great place, and wow, she has a whole sundae to herself!

She had been thinking about ice cream with whipped cream and sprinkles and a cherry for several days.

Always nice when a fantasy comes through and you get what you wished for!
Also pretty nice when your uncle is visiting!

Abby and Audrey love their "big cousin John" so having his daddy and mommy here is a bonus.  Uncles are really special.

I can remember my uncles when I was growing up--they were great. I had two uncles named Al--these little girls have two uncles named Jeff! They currently distinguish them by "daddy's brother Jeff" and "mommy's brother Jeff" which works as well as anything!

There are lots more pictures on my Flickr page if you want to see more dancing Farrellians, or more cute girl/uncle pics.

Sunset tonight was pretty spectacular. This was taken from the parking lot at Target in East Pasadena.  The temperature today was at least 82. Winter in SoCal.

Meantime Jeff and Marcia were getting reports of snowstorms moving into their area at  home.

Obligatory cat photo:
Check out that handsome tail!

The first Transvaal Daisy (Gerbera) of spring

Oxalis are blooming
Interesting mobile and shadows in the hotel lobby when I went to meet up with Jeff and Marcia yesterday. 

And, I guess winter really is over. Things are beginning to bloom and sprout. Guess if I want to do any winter planting, I'd better get right on that!!
The first daffodil!

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Lee I said...

Hah! Your first daffodil beat mine. We have colder weather coming up again, so I don't know whether that first bloom will spring forth before that or we'll have to wait.

My son's first job was at Farrells. He was so diligent in following up on his application, then on his very first shift he threw up. Turned out he had mono, but apparently he impressed them enough despite the barfies that they didn't can him. He worked there a long time.