Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Best-Laid Plans...

... can  have a way of going pear-shaped and toppling over in no time flat!

Today's plan including changing the bed sheets, doing some laundry, and hanging out at the sewing machine, working on some of those quilts that I've been talking about working on.

Because talking about them doesn't accomplish much, other than making me feel bad about not, actually, working on them.

Started off the day okay. Got the bed stripped, much to Hi Hi's displeasure.
He had been comfortably curled up in a nest of quilts, and resisted quite strenuously as I attempted to wrest t hem away from him.

It was a battle to get the sheets off, too, but I am still bigger and stronger than he is... and I know how to lure him off the bed by waving  the brush at him. He loves to be brushed!

So here he is, getting himself all ready for a nice long nap in the sun. I do like the way the sun throws shadows through the lace curtain to make patterns on  the bed. I was also trying to get the sheen of his fur in the sun. He still has a nice thick luxurious coat, but it's not nearly as when he was younger. Still, he's looking good for an old cat!
And this is how the rest of the day went... tried to heat up some chowder for lunch, used the microwave instead of dirtying a pan. Great idea...except. The bowl slipped out of my mitt-covered hand, dropped onto the tray, chipped off a chunk of the tray and splashed EVERYWHERE. At least the bowl survived--Fiestaware is pretty tough, and it did land on the plastic tray rather than the stove or the granite.

Now I've finished cleaning up the mess, heated up the last serving of chowder in a pan on the stove, and t he laundry is chugging merrily away out in the garage. No quilting has been attempted, though--it's been "one of those" days. When I was trying to upload my pictures, I got a message from the computer that it didn't have enough free space to upload them! Three pictures and there was no room? So it was  housecleaning-the-disk-drive time, and now it's almost dinnertime.  Going to (gulp) reheat the leftovers from last night's chicken and dumplings, and hope that they, too, don't wind up all over the outside of the stove instead of inside me.

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DPUTiger said...

Yesterday was a gigantic FAIL for me as well. I'm hoping today goes better!