Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Small Steps Forward

First of all, here's a picture of my original Trillian scarf. The  yarn is Miss Babs Yowza in a colorway called Violets in the Grass. This is the same yarn that I'm using for the Denver Cowl that I posted last week. It's a yummy wooly weight that I think is perfect for the current "cold snap." Yes, I realize that I'm a bit spoiled here in SoCal, because when it gets cold here, well, the rest of the country would probably consider this shorts and T-shirts weather!

Trillian hadn't had  her photo taken yet, so my Ravelry project page for her is kind of naked. No more!
 Finished sewing down the binding on this quilt, even though the quilting on it isn't done  yet. It's just much more pleasant to quilt something with a clean edge--and the borders are all quilted, at least, so it made sense to go ahead and put the binding on.

 Here's the first of the four little sweaters getting its blocking bath.  And  then it's been laid out on the guest bed to dry into shape. I'm still thinking I might go ahead and toss it into the dryer--the yarn is Plymouth Encore, which is machine wash and dryable. I know better than to make sweaters for kids with busy working parents out of yarn that needs to be coddled. Plenty of time for t hat later on, when t hey can learn to do their own hand-wash-and-blocking!

I'm kidding. Well, not really--kids do grow up into people who can take care of their knits, as well as do other things like get jobs and manage t heir lives!

So it's on to the next of the little sweaters. Bet you wouldn't believe t his is for my granddaughter, huh?

So, a little progress is being made, in spite of spending a good part of the day with "Dayquil brain." Or maybe it's just sneezy-wheezy-snot-brain. Whichever it is, I'm hoping it will just go away now.

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