Sunday, January 13, 2013


 One of my ongoing projects involves going through my yarn stash and attempting to catalog all of it on Ravelry. The stash and project files on that site are great tools, but in some ways? Well, let's just say that they can generate even more projects!

It's a good thing  there isn't something like Ravelry for quilters. There are some sites that are trying, but for me they don't have the combination of community and useful features. Maybe someday. I keep trying them out!

Meantime, as you can see, I have had company in my efforts. Hi-Hi loves to be nearby when I'm doing something.

 Even though he will suddenly abandon me for the delights of his stinky disgusting catnip mouse, or his poor tattered teddy bear.  He's a good little buddy. I've read that Maine coons are great that way--they'll be your pal, your buddy, your nearby companion, but not your "baby."

Speaking of which, several times lately when I've been sitting in my TV chair--which is also my knitting chair, my quilting chair, whatever--I'll feel a thump and have a furry face thrust under my hand for some skritching--and it will be Shyla. She got quite comfy today while I tried to eat soup around her.
This needlepoint canvas  has been a project for quite a long while--I kitted it myself using #5 perle cotton, and it really needs to be done with #8. I took it to the shop with me, but couldn't find the range of colors I needed. I did test an area with 4 strands of floss--tried 3, but it didn't cover. I do like the #8 perle best so I think tomorrow I'll make a trek to A Stitch In Time and see what they have.

I know this isn't a  food blog, but hey, quilters and knitters and others like to eat, right? A new bakery has opened in West Covina, not too far from Middle Daughter and my sis-and-brother-in-law. Friday, I went to lunch with MD (she'd just had another iteration of her 29th birthday) and then we hit the bakery. The coffee creme brulee was dee-lish-ious!  I think, though, that next time I'll try to eat it on site. There are caramelly drips all over. Including in my gearshift where I had set the box down when I was getting in the car...

Today turned out to be a good soup day, so I made up a batch of potato-corn chowder. I was all set to make clam chowder again, but I had neither enough clams nor the clam  juice. I did  have the chowder "kit" from my Christmas stocking, though, so I figured it would be a good thing to use it up.

Had to add my own bacon, onion, garlic, cream, and chicken broth, but it came out pretty tasty. Plus, in addition to tonight's dinner, I have 4 more servings in the fridge.

 I love these little storage bowls! They hold just enough for a generous serving, they have nice tight lids, and they stack.

Last picture here is some rum-raisin toast. The bread is also from the new bakery, it's soft and fresh. I might be happier with more raisins, but this will do.

In fact, I feel a snack attack coming on. Maybe I need to go toast some bread...

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